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To ensure critical communication during an emergency, check out these solar-powered mobile device charging stations

As a key part of the launch of the EPR Division, goCharge is introducing its new solar-powered line of charging stations — a kiosk featuring 10 secured lockers, and a hi-top table. each station provides multiple charging cords and ports and can operate either completely independent of “the grid,” or directly connected to an electrical receptacle.

Who has Chiefs tickets? Nobody, at least the paper kind

When Chiefs season-ticket holders received their 10-game bounty for two preseason and eight regular-season contests, they were presented a slick red box that contained small gifts.

goCharge Gives Power to Fans When They Need It Most

To crack down on fraud and fake ticket scalpers, more and more sports teams are phasing out hard copy tickets and going paperless. The Denver Broncos have mandated the change for 2018 and several others, including the Atlanta Braves and Kansas City Chiefs, are following suit. There’s even buzz that the NFL as a whole will implement the plan next year. This change means an emerging new reality for fans: the only way to get into the game (or call for a Lyft or Uber afterward) is to keep their phones charged.

goCharge U.S. Mobile Charging Market Pioneer Turns 10

You’ve charged your phones at their kiosks, at conferences, hospitals, ballgames, concerts and festivals. You’ve seen them everywhere—branded with logos from the biggest companies in the world. And you probably thought they were a lifesaver as your cell phone battery went from red to green.

GoCharge Intros Wireless Charging Furniture

Established in 2009, goCharge’s mission is to provide “the power to stay connected” through a range of charging solutions and technology. The company’s charging stations are found at conferences, trade shows, concerts, sporting events and music festivals, as well as hospitals, universities, casinos, shopping malls and more.

GENE’S TECH CHECK: How To Increase The Life Of Your Batteries

David Walke, President and CEO of goCharge, a 10-person distributor of mobile device charging kiosks located in New York, NY.

goCharge Introduces Wireless Charging Furniture For New Mobile Device Era

goCharge, a provider of charging stations that that can be found across the country at conferences, professional sporting events, restaurants and bars, and music festivals, announced its introduction of a new line of wireless charging furniture.

What Has Great Legs and Energy to Spare?

GoCharge’s streamlined wireless charging end tables and coffee tables let guests juice up phones in style. The sleek furniture, available for purchase or rent, feature chrome polished bases and Corian, Formica or quartz surfaces.


While wireless charging has been a feature of select Android phones for several years, Apple introduced the iPhone 8 and X, bringing the capabilities mainstream. Apple also announced that all future iPhones will integrate Qi wireless charging—the global standard for wireless charging technology as designated by the Wireless Power Consortium. This change in technology is set to shift consumer behavior related to smart phones, batteries, and charging standards.

GoCharge to unveil wireless charging tables for residential market

NEW YORK – GoCharge Inc. plans to enter the residential market this year with its tables that double as wireless charging stations for smartphones.

David Walke, CEO and co-founder of GoCharge, said he expects the technology it markets to the hospitality and sports industries to be popular with furniture buyers in general. “We’re looking for retail furniture distributors,” Walke said.

Tech Check – This Company is Frustrated With Batteries…And Is Doing Something About It

Is your company’s technology up to speed or out of date? What’s hot and what’s not? What technologies are other businesses using that you should be considering?

That’s the purpose of the Tech Check. Each week, we’ll do a quick survey of a small businesses to see what technology they’re using because we’re all interested in keeping up with the Jones’s, right?

Wireless Charging: What You Need To Know

What is wireless charging technology and how is it going to change consumer behavior?

Wireless charging has been around for more than 100 years, however the lack of devices that would have demanded the technology of wireless charging inhibited the trend from growing.

Smartphone Batteries The Weak Link In IoT

Since the smartphone is the hub of the Internet of Things at least for the foreseeable future, keeping that phone turned on is rather critical.

A phone may occasionally fail due to an accident, as anyone who has mistakenly dropped their phone into water is well aware.

The Apps 27 High Achievers Use Every Day

Think about the apps you use most often. Do they help you get more work done, stay heathy, relax, or save time and money? Here’s a fresh list of apps more than two dozen executives say are their favorites.

The New Wave of Business Intelligence at Conferences and Trade Shows: Valuable Data Gathering

Data is only as valuable as you make it. Today’s consumer behavior demands a more meaningful approach to data gathering that goes beyond collecting a name and an email address. Analyzing data to understand and present a story will not only improve business, it can help predict the future in order to make strategic decisions today.


goCharge stations featuring Canvass offers event hosts and sponsors the opportunity to engage with consumers and capture their information in real time using the incentives of free charging and a promotional offer. The new Canvass offering provides brands, sponsors and advertisers with the unique opportunity to
interact with consumers before, during, and after the charge.

Top Tech for Summer 2017

It’s summer. This means hot days, hot nights, and hot tech. This list of cool gadgets will keep you on trend and serve you in ways you never knew you could be served. Read below and let us know which one is your favorite!

5 Reasons Trade Shows Needs More Charging Stations

The perfect way to keep attendees inside the show or bring them to your booth, goCharge’s cell phone charging kiosks are essential at Trade Shows, Conferences, and Conventions because they offer a unique and exceptional sponsorship opportunity. Let’s go through the top five ways goCharge’s cell phone charging stations can improve your next event.

5 Apps That Drain Your Phone Battery The Most

You forgot to charge your phone overnight. You’ve been out all day without a charger. You’ve been playing on your applications for too long. There are many reasons why your phone battery dies quickly, and there are many ways to save your battery so that you can stay connected and stress-free throughout the day.


Available for rent or sale, goCharge provides Charging Stations that keep people connected to family, friends and business, in all locations. The Company announced today a new solar panel Charging Station, The SolarSystem, that is specifically designed for music festivals, outdoor concerts, and other outside entertainment events.


Available for rent or sale, goCharge provides Charging Stations that keep people connected to family, friends and business. The Company’s Table Unit Charging Station is now available for all sporting venues.

Five Ways To Keep Your Phone Charged

Whether you trudged through the streets to get to work or didn’t leave your sweatpants all day, the one thing everyone needs during a New York City snowstorm is a charged cell phone battery.

Power Up: Cavaliers, Pacers Providing Fans With Mobile Charging Stations

The Cavaliers and Pacers beginning this season will provide their fans with charging stations for mobile devices at Quicken Loans Arena and Bankers Life Fieldhouse, respectively.

A Complete Cavs Fan Guide to Cavaliers Opening Night

Recharge on the Concourse! When a mobile device is running low, Cavs fans can visit one of the 22 FREE Mobile Charging Stations presented by FirstEnergy. Created by GoCharge, the industry leader in charging solutions.

Stay juiced at the ballpark: Mariners install charging stations at Safeco Field

Today’s newest smartphones can now read your fingerprint and take 41-megapixel photos, but that darn battery still doesn’t seem to last longer than one day on a single charge.

Multiple Standards Hinder Growth of Wireless Charging

goCharge, a provider of mobile handset charging stations, is waiting to see how the standards battle pans out. Ben Richman, president of goCharge, says, “We have a blank canvas and can adopt different standards and build what customers want, but we won’t pick a wireless charging standard until the market picks one, and we probably won’t make a charging solution until Apple or a large android provider selects a standard.”

goCharge Supports The Thurgood Marshall College Fund

goCharge is happy to announce that we are an official sponsor of The Thurgood Marshall College Fund’s Annual Leadership Institute.

Fill Up a Pint Glass Alongside Your Smart Phone with USB Ports Built into Bars

Any bartenders reading today? How annoying is it when you’re working on a busy night and a patron asks you to plug in their charger to give their phone some juice? Even if it’s a regular, someone you like, someone who tips well, it’s still a bit irritating.

With Memories Entrenched, Hallowed Site of U.S. Open Plows Forward

The shade trees are two and three stories high, a virtual forest. There are charging stations for cellphones — and they are free. Forty-three handsome new restrooms are tucked everywhere, a welcome change from the bad old days of horrid lines for female fans.

U.S. Open offers new feature this year: free cellphone-charging stations

Charging stations have popped up at this year’s tennis tournament, where users can plug in their cellphone and lock it in its own cubbyhole with a password, sparing fans the choice between having juice and watching tennis.

Charging cellphones becoming easier at Ohio venues

One of the most popular questions fielded by owner Chris Hale and his staff at My Bar 161 has nothing to do with happy-hour appetizer specials or a particular brand of beer. More commonly, they hear: Do you have a phone charger under the bar I can use?

Why game day just got better

How the on-field product pans out remains to be seen, but the football club has made a number of subtle — but significant — moves this off-season to improve the fan experience at Investors Group Field.

How to Charge a Cell Phone Without a Charger

If you rely heavily on your cellular phone, discovering that your battery is nearly dead can be a shock. All those wonderful features of modern smartphones use battery power, and your battery can fade rapidly even while the phone is in your pocket. Fortunately, you have several options for replenishing your battery, even if your charger’s broken or forgotten at home.

Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. hits a home run with goCharge Tabletop Charging Stations

Grafton, WI – Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. ( has partnered with Hercules Networks Inc. to engineer and produce goCharge Tabletop Charging Stations. Worldlink Integration Group, Inc. is handling the logistics, installation, site surveys, and ongoing maintenance for the charging stations.

Buzzed: Bars and Restaurants Keep Customers’ Smartphones Juiced

Dead batteries and hangovers are the afflictions of the modern drinker. Now restaurants and bars are trying to fix at least one of those problems. At Left Hand Path in Brooklyn, New York, the beer taps are built into a piece of 113-year-old spruce. Here, men with beards fill up their iPhones alongside their whiskey glasses, with cables running down to the electrical outlets and USB ports tucked underneath the bar.

Merchandising that Amplifies the Brand Story

Designed for a totally different kind of atmosphere than the Wii U retail display, the goCharge mobile charging stations for sports and entertainment venues convey warmth and a casual feel although they are intended to support high tech products.

Fox News – The Willis Report with Gerri Willis

In the aftermath of superstorm sandy, goCharge provided free charging stations to people looking to take refuge both physically and electronically.

Hospitals Turn To goCharge – HealthCare Technology Online

Hospitals around the nation have found a way to help dramatically improve the patient experience and, consequently, Press Ganey scores through a simple, yet critical solution – Releases

“Both of these Esurance lounge areas will feature goCharge charging stations, where attendees can charge up their mobile devices, a free photo booth, and more. Attendees can also claim an Esurance bandana at the booth to take part in a cool game.”

goCharge Provides Yankee Alliance Members with Mobile Device Charging Stations

Yankee Alliance has announced a new contract with goCharge (, the nation’s leading provider of mobile device charging stations. goCharge offers Yankee Alliance members the ability to keep friends and families of patients, hospital and medical center staff always connected. The goCharge stations, primarily designed for waiting and emergency rooms, ensure productive and comfortable waiting time without concern for mobile device battery life.

Major Hospitals Using goCharge Stations to Enhance Patient Experience

Mobile charging station provider GoCharge is reporting that major hospital systems across the country are embracing its new line of kiosks designed to enhance the patient experience by keeping patients and their families in constant contact with each other as well as the medical staff, according to a statement released by the company.

Phone-Charging Stations Become Public Squares

Urban designers take note: If you want to create modern-day public squares that encourage strangers to cross paths, try offering outlets at which passers-by can plug in their phones.

Company Offers Free Cell Charging Stations

One company is coming to the rescue in Manhattan, offering free cell phone charging stations at bars north of 39th Street in the borough. goCharge kiosks house up to 16 built-in chargers that can accommodate most cell phones, smart phones, tablets and mp3 players, according to the company.

Red Sox Announce New Initiatives For Fans During Second Half of The Season

Starting in August, fans will have new opportunities to recharge their cell phones at Fenway Park. A table with 16 universal chargers will be placed at each of five locations: Gates B and C (both on the Big Concourse), the Gate E Concourse, the Budweiser Right Field Roof, and the Coca Cola Deck. They are being installed in partnership with Major League Baseball Advanced Media and Go Charge.

Hospital Market Greets goCharge Mobile-Device Charging Stations

More hospitals around the nation have been adding mobile device charging stations as an amenity for patients, visitors and staff, and new mandates will likely increase the demand. Hercules Networks, a company that makes the popular goCharge kiosk line, says vending operators are ideally positioned to benefit from this popularity, since they already have established relationships as service providers at such locations.

New goCharge Mobile Charging Station Will Keep You Powered On-the-Go

“With nearly 38,000 devices accessing our wireless network every day, there is a significant demand to keep mobile devices charged up on-the-go,” said Nelson C. Vincent, vice president for information technology and CIO. “UCIT aims to meet this demand to keep all of our partners on campus – students, faculty and staff — charged and connected to the important work they do to propel the institution’s education and research agenda forward into UC’s third century.”

goCharge Offers Cell Phone Charging Stations

The GoCharge can charge up to 16 devices at the same time, and it comes with tips that are compatible with 99 percent of the cell phones on the market, said Richman. They come in two configurations — locker style, so that customers can leave the phones as they charge; on an open bay.

Charging Kiosk Powers Marketing Efforts

One of the marketing models goCharge has created involves a bar kiosk, which liquor brand Patrón is leveraging to help promote its Patrón XO Cafe and Ultimat Vodka. The branded kiosks, which have been in bars in New York City since the first quarter of 2010, appeal to establishment owners because they can keep customers around for a long period of time, according to goCharge.

GoCharge Introduces Expanded Line of Kiosks For Conferences

GoCharge, a provider of mobile device charging solutions with built-in connector tips, has introduced an expanded line of Mobile Device Charging Kiosks to cater to a growing demand in the conference and expo industry. The expanded lineup of mobile charging models are designed to provide a much needed service to attendees and a powerful new revenue stream and sponsorship vehicle for organizers.

goCharge, Patrón Spirits Team-up To Offer Free Mobile Charging Kiosks Across New York

Manufacturer and distributor of Mobile Device Charging Kiosks goCharge is teaming-up with Patrón Spirits in a deal that will give Patrón “high-profile exposure” within goCharge’s 50-location NYC Bar Network with exclusive branding for their Patrón XO Cafe and Ultimat Vodka ultra-premium spirits.

For Me, a Beer. For My Phone, Some Juice.

Charging stations have popped up in airports, malls and convention centers in recent years. And because phones will be losing their charges for the foreseeable future, the companies that make these stations have been broadening their sights. One area with enormous growth potential? Bars.

Patrón Spirits and goCharge Embark On A New Partnership

The nation’s leading manufacturer and distributor of Mobile Device Charging Kiosks, goCharge, announced a partnership with Patrón Spirits to bring the convenience of mobile charging into bars across NYC.

15 Ideas for Mobile Phone Charging Stations at Events and Trade Shows

In November 2011, Patrón hosted an event in Orlando to promote its XO Café Noir to musicians and industry executives in town for the Orlando Calling music festival. Inside the party, the spirits company offered GoCharge phone charging stations from Hercules Networks, where guests could leave their phones with a staff member to charge.

Charge Cell Phones In Your Trade Show Booth: Draw Traffic

For every tech-savvy individual who keeps their device and its charger in close reach at all times, there always comes the pivotal moment when their cell-phone dies, leaving them unreachable, and praying for a quick solution. In an effort to find a solution for those frustrating moments, goCharge has developed the Orion, a new cell-phone charging kiosk that makes sure those people never miss a moment.

goCharge Launches Digital Network of 50 Mobile Device Charging Kiosks

goCharge, the nation’s leading provider of Mobile Device Charging Kiosks, has launched a network of branded kiosks in 50 bars in New York City. The goCharge kiosks feature the unique combination of an essential utility – charging all mobile devices “on the go” – and an outstanding sponsorship and branding opportunity.

Hercules Networks Intros goCharge Kiosks At Exhibitor2010

Hercules Networks Inc., a marketer and distributor of cellular phone charging stations, is introducing its goCharge kiosks at the EXHIBITOR2010 show in Las Vegas on March 14. The goCharge kiosks allow mobile device users to charge virtually every model of cell phone, smart phone and mp3 device on the go.

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