⚡️ Bank on their business when you offer the amenity of a free charge

⚡️ Increase foot traffic to your location with a competitive edge

⚡️ Keep your customer satisfaction high while they wait

⚡️ Provides a needed service that will be appreciated and constantly in use

⚡️ Promote advertisers’ brands or current promotional deals

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How goCharge Helps Sports Banks

Cell Phone Charging Stations are a great service to provide to banking customers, and one that will make the bank stand out in their minds. Banks are an institution in which there is constant foot traffic and demand for customer service. goCharge was the first company to introduce Mobile Charging Kiosks to the market, therefore our creative team and reliable service are the best there is.

Whether your bank is big or small, national or local, providing the ability to charge a cell phone will surely be appreciated by customers and can give any bank the competitive edge it needs to bring more customers inside the doors. Knowledge is power – if a customer is aware that your bank branch has a cell phone charging station, they will likely walk the few extra blocks to go to your branch versus one that might be closer.

When times get busy at banks, there is often a waiting period to see a teller or a specialist. Instead of opting for the usual options: leave and come back another time or wait in frustration, provide your customers a great way to ease the stress of waiting. Cell Phone Charging Stations are the ideal way to fill customers’ time with something productive and useful to them – so they can feel less stressed and have a pleasant experience inside your bank.

Want to advertise your financial products or current rates? Get the word out by advertising on HD TV’s that are placed on top of goCharge Cell Phone Charging Stations. Additionally, goCharge Charging Stations can also be beautifully wrapped with your bank’s colors and brands – so they fit right in.

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