Cell Phone Charging Stations for Bars & Restaurants


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The Perfect Place For Your Customers to Charge Up

Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops – they’re all unique establishments where consumers have the intentions to stay for extended periods of time. People come to these destinations to enjoy, relax, work, or socialize. Placing goCharge’s Cell Phone Charging Stations throughout your establishment gives consumers yet another reason to step inside and stay a while – to charge up their cell phones. Instantly, your restaurant becomes more than a wining or dining experience, it becomes a place where people can fulfill their needs outside of food and beverage. goCharge offers custom design and exceptional advertising and branding space on our Charging Stations, which gives you the opportunity to offer your sponsors or partners a place to promote their brand. goCharge is the premier Cell Phone Charging Kiosk provider, and our range of charging stations is the widest and most versatile on the market.

A Great Tactic To Win Over Your Customers

Advertising to consumers that they can charge up at your location, gives them a reason to walk in and spend time in your establishment even if they weren’t planning on it. It gives you a competitive edge over places that don’t offer a charge — your establishment could be that destination that consumers go to on a frequent basis. Sometimes, restaurants get busy and there may be a waiting list. Providing the opportunity for your waiting guests to charge their cell phone greatly increases the chances that they’ll wait for their table instead of leaving. It fills the gap in time perfectly, and goCharge offers securely locked Charging Stations so if their table is ready before they’re done, customers can leave their phones charging.

A Great Feature For Food Courts and Fast Food Establishments

Food vendors in malls, stadiums, zoos and other high traffic places are all trying to attract customers. Likewise, fast food restaurants face stiff competition these days and need a differential to stand out. A Mobile Charging Station gives consumers a reason to choose you by giving them the ability to charge their cell phones at your establishment. Free standing kiosks with lockers and charging tables make ideal additions to any food establishment. Custom branding can also whet their appetites, and HD Monitors can advertise promotions and deals – giving them even more temptation to stop by.

Entice Them To Sit At The Bar Longer With Cell Phone Charging Stations

Whether at a bar or restaurant, consumers are there to stay. Want to offer a feature that will make them stay even longer? goCharge’s Cell Phone Charging Stations can sit atop a bar or hang on a wall, to keep them drinking at the bar. Charging Tables or Kiosks with lockers let them hang out in the bar area longer while they charge their cell phones and they’ll be more likely to order more drinks or appetizers to pass the time. Is it happy hour? Ladies Night? 2 For 1? Advertise it on goCharge’s Charging Stations HD Monitors, incentivizing them to purchase. Even if you’re not running a promotion, our charging stations can be beautifully wrapped (goCharge can help with that!) with your branding or a sponsor’s branding, so you’re always taking full advantage of everything our Charging Stations have to offer.

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GoCharge Mobile Charging Stations have been featured at many food & beverage establishments such as…

  • American Seaway Foods
  • Bonzer Shack, Outer Banks NC
  • Anheuser-Busch Tour Center
  • Food Marketing Institute
  • Francis Ford Coppola Winery
  • Fresh Wata Inc.
  • Giant Eagle Grocery
  • Great American Ball Park
  • Haddon House Food Products, Inc
  • Jack in the Box
  • Jay’s Elbow Room
  • LG’s By The Creek
  • Longhorn Saloon & Grill at Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort
  • Mac’s Mini Mart
  • NJ Boardwalk Bar and Grill
  • Polar Beverage Company
  • Quintessa Winery
  • Tall Paul’s Brew House
  • The Village Idiot Pizza & Pub
  • Wendy’s Fast Food Restaurant

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