Cell Phone Charging Lockers For Zoos, Museums, Country Clubs, and Bowling Alleys


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Keep Everyone Connected With Cell Phone Charging Stations

From zoos to museums to bowling alleys, family destinations are a safe space for families to have fun and make memories. When it comes to these destinations, it is crucial to provide cell phone charging stations so everyone can stay connected in order to communicate. Many times, large families and big groups spend their entire day at zoos or museums. It is very easy to lose a few members of your group here and there, or for people to have different places they want to go. With a dead or low battery, the chances of getting lost is high – and the stress and frustration rises. As the first company in the industry to provide Cell Phone Charging Stations to the market, goCharge offers the widest range of versatile Charging Stations to suit every client’s need. By placing cell phone charging stations in the lobby and other high traffic areas, you will keep your customers inside your space and enjoying the experience. You’ll find goCharge Cell Phone Charging Stations at family destinations such as The Kansas City Zoo, The J. Paul Getty Museum and most recently our SolarSystem Charging Station was featured at the Grand Opening of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture.

Zoos: Give Them Something To Remember

One of the popular things to do at a zoo (besides marvel at the animals) is to take pictures and videos. It is essential for your customers to have a charged cell phone battery at the zoo so they can capture moments they’ll remember forever. Making memories is a core value of the zoo, and children feel warmly about these places. If parents or caretakers have no way to remember their day at the zoo, the chances of returning are lower than if they have plenty of pictures to constantly look at and share with friends. Additionally, keeping your customers charged up will encourage them to promote your space on social media. Our Mobile Phone Charging Stations are available with HD monitors perfect to promote sponsors, food vendors, gift shop items or your daily schedule of events.

A Day At The Museum Is Better With A Charged Cell Phone

Museums, whether big or small, ignite the senses. People come to museums to learn, absorb, and often times, socialize. Whether they’re taking notes on a certain exhibit or taking a photo in order to remember something special, people need a charged cell phone at museums. Museums are a meeting point for many large groups – adults or children – and things can get disorganized and hectic if people aren’t able to communicate. In high traffic areas, or spaces where people can sit or wait, a Cell Phone Charging Stations lets people can charge up and continue throughout their day.

Keep Member Satisfaction High At Country Clubs

Your members’ standards are already high, which is why they joined your country club. However, most people don’t carry about cell phone charging cords because they don’t think of it. The thought of a future dead cell phone battery doesn’t cross peoples’ minds when they’re full charged up. Therefore, spending the day or afternoon at the country club usually leads to a low or dead cell phone battery, and by providing Cell Phone Charging Stations in lobbies, waiting areas, dining rooms, card rooms, bars, restaurants, or locker rooms, your members will be able to charge their phones and continue their day stress-free. Whether they’re meeting someone after they leave or just want to check in at home, a charged cell phone for all your members will lead to higher brand loyalty and satisfaction.

Keep the Party Going at Bowling Alleys

Bowling alleys are the perfect place to come for a few hours, socialize, grab a drink and some food, and have fun. However, the fun ends with a low or dead cell phone battery – which is why bowling alleys need Cell Phone Charging Stations. Instead of frustration customers who are asking your staff for a phone charging cord or outlet, give your customers the security of charging their phone right inside your facility while they enjoy themselves. No time is wasted with Cell Phone Charging Stations – goCharge offers secure locker models so customers can lock up their phone, leave it while it charges, and continue with their activities. goCharge’s machines can also be beautifully wrapped with advertising or interacted with on HD TV’s. This is the perfect way to engage with your customers while they wait for their phone to charge.

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goCharge Mobile Charging Stations have been featured at many popular Family Destinations, such as…

  • AMF / Hanover Lanes
  • Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
  • Bryant Park Skating Rink
  • Congressional Country Club, MD
  • Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
  • Darien Performing Arts Center
  • J. Paul Getty Museum
  • Kansas City Zoo
  • Museum of Jewish Heritage
  • Northside Swim Center
  • Smithsonian Museum
  • The Boca Raton Resort and Club, FL
  • The Ridgewood Country Club
  • The Rivera Country Club, CA

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