Event Organizers and Meeting Planners

⚡️ Offers a unique customer engagement and highly visible branding opportunity for sponsors

⚡️ Great revenue generator for Show Organizers

⚡️ Provides a needed service that will be appreciated and constantly in use

⚡️ Increases dwell time; attendees no longer leave venue to charge their phones

⚡️ Broad variety of Stations available for indoor and outdoor applications

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How goCharge Helps Event Organizers and Meeting Planners

Planning an event, meeting, or organizing a gathering? goCharge has the most experience in the industry when it comes to making your vision come to life. We have a versatile range of Cell Phone Charging Kiosks that can be customized and designed to integrate seamlessly into all initiatives – including trade shows, conferences, meetings or gatherings.

Whether big or small, all events should have Cell Phone Charging Kiosks to keep attendees and everyone involved satisfied and stress-free. An event needs to make a big splash, a lasting impression, and inspire your attendees to remember it and want to attend again. They need a charged cell phone for many reasons, but one of the most important ones is to take photos and videos to post on social media or keep for future use and memories. Help your guests help your event make the biggest impact possible by giving them the power of a charged cell phone battery by placing several Mobile Charging Stations in convenient locations throughout the venue.

goCharge was the first company to introduce Cell Phone Charging Stations to the market, and you’ll find we are the most reliable, innovative, and hard-working team to bring your dreams to life. All of goCharge’s Mobile Charging Kiosks are designed to offer key branding and advertising opportunities for exhibitors and sponsors. With HD monitors, custom wraps and interactive engagement programs, goCharge is the expert at making Mobile Charging Kiosks the perfect place to advertise for your brand, your vendors, or your sponsors. Have a dream of a custom solution? goCharge has the most knowledge and experience to make your dreams come to life.

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