Cell Phone Charging Stations for Event Organizers & Meeting Planners


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Maximize Attendee Satisfaction

Planning an event, meeting, or organizing a gathering? goCharge has the most experience in the industry when it comes to making your vision come to life. goCharge’s versatile range of Cell Phone Charging Kiosks can be customized and designed to integrate seamlessly into all initiatives – including trade shows, conferences, meetings or gatherings. Whether big or small, all events should have Cell Phone Charging Kiosks to keep attendees and everyone involved satisfied and stress-free. An event needs to make a big splash, a lasting impression, and inspire your attendees to remember it and want to attend again. They need a charged cell phone for many reasons, but one of the most important ones is to take photos and videos to post on social media or keep for future use and memories. Help your guests help your event make the biggest impact possible by giving them the power of a charged cell phone battery by placing several Mobile Charging Stations in convenient locations throughout the venue.

Perfect Branding Opportunity For Sponsors

goCharge Cell Phone Charging Kiosks are a unique opportunity for advertising and branding – guaranteed to attract attention and encourage engagement. You can communicate directly with your attendees through customized wraps and video displays on attached HD TVs. Also available is our new Canvass intelligence gathering platform that can capture customized information as well as providing customized engagements through surveys, sweepstakes, instant win contests, mobile coupons and more.

Utilize goCharge’s Custom Options

goCharge can make any vision come to life, and since we were the first company in the industry to bring these Cell Phone Charging Stations to the market, we have the most experience and knowledge when it comes to executing our clients’ goals. We are happy to work with you to design the best solution to meet your needs and goals, and we’re confident that our Mobile Charging Stations will complement your event in a seamless way. Let us work with your team to create a custom design or we’ll design it for you, to create an eye-catching branded Cell Phone Charging Station that your attendees will appreciate and love to use.

Increase Dwell Time At Your Event

Your attendee count makes all the difference – but the longer they stay, the more impact your event will have now and in the future. Whether your event is an hour or spans days, your attendees will be there engaging and interacting with vendors and fellow attendees. Without a fully charged cell phone, the impact of your event surely decreases as people are distracted by concerns that their phones will die and their ability to communicate will end. Offering a Mobile Charging Station and the power to charge cell phones will add to the success and effectiveness of your event.

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goCharge Mobile Charging Stations have been featured at hundreds of events such as:

  • Auto Symposium
  • Blackboard BbWorld Meeting
  • Boston Annual Tree Lighting
  • Business Council of NY Annual Meeting
  • CAAMFest Opening Night Gala
  • Clinical Immunology Society Annual Meeting
  • Coke Private Event
  • CropLife America Annual Meeting
  • CSE Sports Marketing Symposium
  • Deloitte Canadian Partners Meeting
  • Dental Trade Alliance Annual Meeting
ePharma Summit
  • Forbes CIO/CMO Summit
  • Forbes Women’s Summit
  • Global Citizen Earth Day
Global Market Symposium
  • Grand Opening of The Smithsonian Museum of African-American History
  • IKEA Grand Opening
  • JPMC Senior Leaders Conference
  • Kid Choice Awards Weekend
  • LegalTech New York
  • Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
  • Microsoft Store Opening
  • NBOA Annual Meeting
National Postal Forum
  • Northwestern Mutual Annual Meeting
  • Pacific Life Insurance Educational Symposium
  • Premiere Napa Valley Open House
  • Sundance Film Festival
  • Tiffany and Company event
  • Washington Ideas Forum

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