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How goCharge Helps Colleges & Universities

goCharge’s Cell Phone Charging Stations are a great investment for any college campus as student life has become highly dependent on communication by cell phones and tablets. Both academically and socially, students depend on a charged cell phone and tablet to communicate, check test scores and assignments, arrange group meeting times, confirm locations, and more. It is vital to provide your students with the power to charge up and stay connected at all times — on and off campus. Help raise money for your school by offering Charging Stations as prime promotional opportunities for advertisers looking to reach the college market.

There is nothing more important on a university’s agenda than student safety. Studies have shown that students feel safer on campus thanks to their increasing reliance on mobile phones to protect themselves in case of emergency. Many mobile applications that provide an extra layer of safety precautions are being frequently downloaded by students on campus. Whether it’s to immediately receive a campus safety alert, report a suspicious situation, or call for an Uber to leave a rowdy party, a Mobile Charging Station is essential to ensure students always have a fully charged cell phone.

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