Emergency Services

Providing Emergency Management & Government Organizations with Critical Solutions to Maintain Communication
and Connectivity During Natural and Human-Caused Disasters.

Our new line of Solar-Powered Mobile Device Charging Stations keep responders, evacuees and others connected to essential services and loved ones.

Being prepared for natural and human caused disasters is critical. Emergency Management and Government Organizations that provide services and support for communities during these dangerous situations is essential.

The goCharge EPR Division provides state-of-the-art, solar-powered mobile device charging solutions that:

⚡️ Enable responders, evacuees and others to keep cell phones and tablets charged.

⚡️ Maintain communication and connectivity to essential services, families and loved ones during emergency situations.

⚡️ Operate completely “off grid”, with a battery backup

⚡️ Provide multiple charging cords and port

The goCharge Emergency Preparedness and Response Division is dedicated to assisting responders in all emergency situations:


⚡️ Cellular Companies

⚡️ Emergency Management


⚡️ Fire Departments

⚡️ Hospitals

⚡️ Law Enforcement Agencies

⚡️ Municipalities

⚡️ Public Utilities

⚡️ Red Cross


⚡️ Earthquakes

⚡️ Floods

⚡️ Fires / Explosions

⚡️ Hurricanes

⚡️ Lightning Strikes

⚡️ Power Outages

⚡️ Tornadoes

⚡️ Tsunamis

⚡️ Winter Storms

Solar Charging Stations

Introducing our NEW state-of-the-art solar powered charging stations. These innovative solar powered designs eliminate the need for an electrical power supply. Specifically engineered to resist the elements – withstands rain, wind, heat and cold. With removable solar panel and pole, and easily converts to 110V A/C power for indoor use too!

⚡️ Multiple Charging Cords for all Devices
⚡️ Ample Branding Space
⚡️ Adjustable 100W Solar Panels
⚡️ Battery Backup Capacity 10-12 Hrs
⚡️ Rain-Proof (IP64 Rating)
⚡️ 110V A/C Power Capacity

Solar Charging Locker
⚡️ 29”W x 28”D x 8’H (to bottom of solar panels)
⚡️ 240 lbs.

Solar Charging Table
⚡️ 37”D x 8’H (to bottom of solar panels)
⚡️ 270 lbs.

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