Hospitals & Medical Facilities

⚡️ Proven to increase patient satisfaction scores

⚡️ Long visitor wait times make charging stations critical

⚡️ Provide charging capacity for multiple visitors

⚡️ Communicate key facility information: gift shop, café hours and more

⚡️ Offer locked phone storage & charging for staff

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Recommended Charging Stations for Hospitals & Medical Facilities

How goCharge Helps Hospitals & Medical Facilities

It is crucial to have a charged cell phone battery in a hospital in order to stay connected with friends and family. goCharge provides the best and biggest range of Mobile Phone Charging Kiosks for hospitals, featuring secure lockers on wall mounted charging stations, free-standing charging kiosks on wheels, charging tables and table top models. We can also customized Charging Stations to meet your individual needs.

The amount of time spent in hospital and clinic waiting rooms can take several hours while anxiously awaiting news about loved ones or waiting for appointments. Increase your patient satisfaction scores or loyalty to your clinic by providing Mobile Charging Stations to help your guests keep their phones charged so they can more comfortably pass the time. Our customizable charging station solutions can even be used for patient education or corporate branding, reducing the need for traditional paper materials, and offering a prime opportunity for advertisements with customized wraps and HD monitors for videos.

goCharge was the first company to introduce Cell Phone Charging Stations to the market, and you’ll find we are the most reliable, innovative, and hard-working team to bring your dreams to life. All of goCharge’s Mobile Charging Kiosks are designed to offer key branding and advertising opportunities for exhibitors and sponsors. With HD monitors, custom wraps and interactive engagement programs, goCharge is the expert at making Mobile Charging Kiosks the perfect place to advertise for your brand, your vendors, or your sponsors.

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