Cell Phone Charging Kiosks for Conferences & Trade Shows


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Power Up Attendees At Conferences and Trade Shows

It is vital to provide cell phone charging power at Conferences and Trade Shows, and you’ll find goCharge Cell Phone Charging Stations at most of the major conferences and trade shows around the country. These types of events can be some companies’ biggest business driver for the entire year. Many transactions at trade shows are done digitally, using an ipad or iphone, which means battery life is drained quickly. Likewise, most buyers use an iPad or iPhone to take notes, research products and services, and communicate with others.

Encourage Attendee Engagement and Enthusiasm

Everyone involved in a trade show or conference is there for long hours —working hard and focused on business. The goal at these particular events are high traffic, customer acquisition, brand awareness and hopefully purchases. Fully-charged cell phones and tables are essential to achieving these goals.. Having a goCharge Charging Station at a show or in a booth keeps visitors at the show longer, as well as being a magnet to draw visitors into a sponsored booth. Make sure your attendees stay focused, stress-free and enthusiastic for the duration of your event.

goCharge Is The Premier Cell Phone Charging Kiosk Provider

goCharge was the first company to introduce Cell Phone Charging Stations to the market, and you’ll find we are the most reliable, innovative, and hard-working team to bring your dreams to life. All of goCharge’s Mobile Charging Kiosks are designed to offer key branding and advertising opportunities for exhibitors and sponsors. With HD monitors, custom wraps and interactive engagement programs, goCharge is the expert at making Mobile Charging Kiosks the perfect place to advertise for your brand, your vendors, or your sponsors. Have a dream of a custom solution? goCharge has the most knowledge and experience to make your dreams come to life.

A Convenience That Will Be Appreciated

Studies have shown that providing cell phone charging stations at conferences leads to attendees staying much longer than at conferences without Cell Phone Charging Stations. All events within a conference and convention are important—but if someone arrives at 8 AM planning to attend a lecture at 5 PM, between texting, calling, posting on social media, taking photos and videos, and typing notes, chances are low their device batteries will last all day. Providing the power to charge cell phones and devices at convenient locations throughout the event leads to higher event satisfaction and longer dwell time.

A Unique Offer For Sponsors And Advertisers

Have sponsors or advertisers looking for something unique and attention-getting? goCharge’s Cell Phone Charging Kiosks are specifically designed to be wrapped, branded, and advertised on – offering HD monitors and custom branding solutions. Get creative by integrating the Mobile Charging Kiosk into the theme of the trade show. Forget about the pens and stress balls, place goCharge Charging Stations at the entrance to a show, by the food stands and in cyber cafes, in addition to your booth, to generate brand recognition and customer appreciation. GoCharge has seen and done it all, and we are excited and enthusiastic about working with all of our clients to customize your experience.

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goCharge Mobile Charging Stations can be found at a variety of conferences and trade shows such as such as…

  • Architecture Boston Expo
  • Art of Negotiation Event Forrester’s Forum for Marketing Leaders
  • Association for Manufacturing Excellence
  • Clean Gulf Conference & Exhibition
  • CropLife America Annual Meeting
  • Design-Build Conference & Expo
  • ePharma Summit(IIR USA)
  • Fancy Food Show
  • Forbes CIO/CMO Summit
  • Forbes Healthcare Summit
  • Forrester Technology Management Forum
  • Future of Genomic Medicine Conference
  • Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium
  • Health Sciences Innovation Forum
  • Indoor Gardening Expo San Francisco
  • International Fuel Ethanol Workshop
  • J.P. Morgan Global Markets Symposium
  • J.P. Morgan Napa Valley CEO Forum
  • KPMG Cross Border Tax Conference
  • Mobile Media Summit
  • NACE/CARS Expo & Conference
  • National Association of Broadcasters Conference
  • National Association of Realtors Conference & Expo
  • National Health Policy Conference
  • School Nutrition Industry Conference
  • Scripps Health Cardiovascular Interventions
  • Toy Fair
  • World Business Forum

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