Who Is goCharge for?

Brand Managers

Need to get your company name out there? Wrap goCharge charging stations to generate lasting impressions in your customer’s minds. We even offer charging stations with built-in HD screens so you can stream your marketing message to the public.


Mobile device charging stations are a great new marketing tool at conferences, trade shows and exhibitions. Whether available in common areas for everyone to use, or in an exhibitor’s booth, the ability to create deep and long-lasting brand awareness is outstanding. goCharge charing stations are the best way for exhibitors to drive attendees to their booth, and keep them there while their phone is charging.

Event Planners

Big or small, mobile device charging stations are a vital utility to have on premise for the event attendees. You want your customers to engage in social media and promote your event via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Show Organizers

Mobile device charging stations have rapidly become a “must have” utility at all conferences, trade shows and exhibitions. Attendees need to stay connected throughout the day, and are often faced with the problem of a low battery.

Venue Owners

Complete with video screens, static billboards and wrap capabilities, sponsorship of these kiosks is a hot new way to generate revenue for your business. goCharge also has a model that can accept credit cards, so you have the opportunity to “charge for a charge”.

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