Solar Powered Charging Stations

goCharge is going green!

Solar Charging Stations

Introducing our NEW state-of-the-art solar powered charging stations. These innovative solar powered designs eliminate the need for an electrical power supply. Specifically engineered to resist the elements – withstands rain, wind, heat and cold. With removable solar panel and pole, and easily converts to 110V A/C power for indoor use too!

Add UV-C Light Modules to sanitize and disinfect cellphones while also charging batteries.

⚡️ Multiple Charging Cords for all Devices
⚡️ Ample Branding Space
⚡️ Adjustable 100W Solar Panels
⚡️ Battery Backup Capacity 10-12 Hrs
⚡️ Weather Resistant
⚡️ 110V A/C Power Capacity

Solar Charging Locker
⚡️ 29”W x 28”D x 97″H
⚡️ 294 lbs.

Solar Charging Table
⚡️ 36”D x 96″H
⚡️ 270 lbs.

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Recommended Use

Our solar charging stations can be used in numerous settings.

Stadiums & Arenas
Outdoor Concerts & Festivals
Colleges & Universities
Emergency Preparedness


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