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⚡️ Waiting times will seem to decrease and customer satisfaction will definitely increase

⚡️ Give your car dealership and repair shops a competitive edge

⚡️ Provides a needed service that will be appreciated and constantly in use

⚡️ Promote advertisers’ brands or current promotional deals

⚡️ Broad variety of Stations available for indoor and outdoor applications

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How goCharge Helps Car Dealerships & Repair Shops

Providing a service to your customers is at your core. Your business runs on keeping your customers satisfied, and goCharge understands this value as we are in the same business: keeping our clients and customers satisfied. Providing Cell Phone Charging Stations as a service to your clients will increase customer satisfaction. A Charging Station will make the waiting time seem to go faster, overshadow impatience caused by unexpected delays and let your customers know you understand their time is valuable. In your lobby, waiting area, near the restrooms, or in the retail area – a Mobile Charging Station provides a comfort and security to your customers so they can play games, connect with friends, read or do work while they wait. A customer who has a low or dead cell phone battery can be very irritable – but providing a service specifically to help them continue throughout their day stress-free is the perfect way to boost loyalty.

goCharge has the widest variety of Cell Phone Charging Kiosks, and we can make a custom machine or design specifically for any of our clients’ needs. Mobile Charging Kiosks present an excellent sponsorship and advertising space – by beautifully wrapping the machine or adding an HD Monitor to your unit to display promotional content .

For any repair shop where customers have to wait for service – oil changes, car detailing, brake and tire centers, inspection stations – a great way to draw more business to you (and away from your competitors) is to keep your customers stress-free and satisfied by providing Cell Phone Charging Stations. When placed in a waiting area, lobby or check-out area, giving your customers a free phone charge shows that your business goes beyond the basic services. Providing Cell Phone Charging Stations gives your customers something productive to do while they wait, keeping them relaxed and happy when they’re in your shop. And the next time your customers need something fixed, they’ll be more likely to come to your shop if they know they can charge up and stay connected while waiting there.

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