Cell Phone Charging Stations for Transportation Hubs


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Helping Tourists and Commuters Stay Connected

Did you know goCharge Cell Phone Stations can be found at New Jersey Transit stations and at the Staten Island Ferry Terminals in NYC? Every day, we help commuters and tourists stay charged and connected. The foot traffic is exponentially higher in transportation hubs than almost anywhere else in a municipality, which is why it is crucial to provide Cell Phone Charging Stations. Often, transportation hubs have information centers, ticket booths, vendors, retail, lobbies, waiting areas, food courts and more — perfect places to offer the convenience of a Mobile Charging Station. Whether they have 5 minutes to catch their train or they arrived 20 minutes early, every person passing through a transportation hub would appreciate as much as power as they can squeeze into their low cell phone battery.

A Customized Solution For The Staten Island Ferry Terminal

After a fight erupted on the Staten Island Ferry between commuters vying for the same outlet to charge their cell phones, the NY Department of Transportation came to goCharge because they wanted custom Cell Phone Charging Stations for their terminal – and they wanted them fast! In no time at all, goCharge was installing 10 customized Charging Stations that fit right into the spots where pay phones used to be, eliminating the need for rewiring and new electrical outlets.
Each station has a screen displaying the ferry schedule, and the DOT is also planning to install them on the ferries themselves.

Keeping New Jersey Transit Commuters Charged Up

Almost a million people pass though NJ Transit Terminals on an average weekday. Even if only 1 in 10 of these riders have a phone with a low battery, that’s 100,000 phones that need charging every day. That’s where goCharge Mobile Cell Phone Charging Stations come in. Both free-standing and wall-mounted Charging Stations are placed throughout NJT Terminals to help commuter and tourists stay connected, check schedules, occupy themselves while waiting and call friends and family to tell them when they’ll be there.

Give Retailers and Vendors More Advertising Space

Vendors in transportation hubs want to attract consumers and goCharge’s versatile Cell Phone Charging Kiosks can be beautifully wrapped or can come with an optional HD TV. These two options are the perfect spot for advertising for vendors to increase reach and brand awareness. goCharge was the first company in the industry to provide Cell Phone Charging Stations, giving us the experience and expertise to make our clients’ experience seamless from end to end. And in 2016 we introduced, Canvass, a revolutionary data collection and engagement platform, allows vendors to incite users to provide valuable market intelligence in exchange for a charge, or offer coupons to draw them in and generate sales.

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goCharge Mobile Charging Solutions can be found at Transportation Hubs such as…

  • Lufthansa Airlines
  • St. George Terminal for the Staten Island Ferry
  • Whitehall Terminal for the Staten Island Ferry
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Celebrity Cruises
  • New York Penn Station
  • Newark Penn Station
  • Hoboken NJT Station

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