In today’s world, sustainability is a crucial concept to grasp. It’s vital to understand the significance of minimizing environmental impact and reducing waste. Adopting eco-friendly practices, promoting a green environment, and lessening reliance on traditional energy sources is a priority. It is not difficult to incorporate sustainability into your product design and production. Solar energy, for example, is a sustainable energy source that has minimal environmental impact and fosters energy independence.

goCharge has adopted this sustainable approach with the introduction of Solar-Powered Charging Stations that operate entirely on solar power, eliminating the need for electricity. Models such as a 12-Locker Solar Kiosk and a HiTop Solar Charging Table are easy on the environment and ideal for outdoor festivals, events, sports arenas, recreational areas and more.




In 2023, goCharge placed Solar Powered Picnic Charging Tables in University Campuses around the country. The large picnic table is powered by 6 solar panels embedded in its large umbrella, and students can charge their cellphones while studying, eating or socializing.

The latest Charging Stations from goCharge is a Power Bank Kiosk that dispenses portable power banks for on-the-go phone charging. Simple to use, you plug your phone into the portable power bank, take it with you and then recycle it by returning it to the kiosk when finished.

There are many more opportunities to stay highly conscious of creating sustainable products and practices that are not harmful to the environment.




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