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goCharge is dedicated to the never-ending battle against “nomophobia”. This condition is defined as the fear of being without access to a working cell phone. This fear is rooted in the prospect of being disconnected from family, associates and friends.

We’ve all been affected by this condition at one time or another. goCharge was founded on the principle that nomophobia should be a thing of the past. We are dedicated to providing secure and reliable charging solutions to guests and visitors at popular venues. In doing that, we are doing our part to relieve nomophobia and make attending these events and venues a far more enjoyable experience.

This has been our mission since we began in 2009, and we have worked tirelessly to provide The Power to Stay Connected through the widest range of charging solutions and technology that keeps visitors connected both right after and long after their charging experience. We have provided over a million safe and secure charges since we opened our doors in 2009.

Today, you’ll find our charging stations at many of the most-well known conferences, trade shows, concerts, sporting events and music festivals, as well as hospitals, universities, casinos, shopping malls and more. We offer customized solutions to meet any and all specific needs and to seamlessly fit into our clients’ decor and venue configurations.

Our Team

Our dedication to our mission is reflected in the deep experience of our leadership team. Each of us is committed to helping visitors and guests stay connected.

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Robert Prusiensky

Vice President of Sales

Karyn Greenblatt

Vice President of Sales

Laura Walke

Vice President of Marketing & Operations

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