Cell Phone Charging Stations for Experiential Marketing Activations


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The Perfect Way To Enhance Your Brand Activation and Events

Get ready to create an amazing event for your clients that will make them look smart and innovative! goCharge provides easily-branded Mobile Device Charging Stations that will increase traffic and interactivity at your clients’ events. Any event will benefit from having Cell Phone Charging Stations so your clients’ target audience can broaden their experience by using this much-needed utility. goCharge’s Cell Phone Charging Stations are the perfect way to offer more to your clients for branding, advertising, marketing and innovation while enhancing their brand awareness and consumer engagement. Providing Cell Phone Charging Stations at your clients’ brand activations gives the audience the power to charge up and interact with your clients’ brands, while making a long lasting impact by giving consumers the opportunity to promote the initiative through communication on and off social media.

Offer More Exciting Opportunities To Your Clients

When you provide goCharge’s Cell Phone Charging Stations at your brand activations, you’re not just providing an essential feature for your clients and their audience, you’re providing an exceptional and unique branding and advertising space. Cell Phone Charging Stations, by nature, bring foot traffic and increase dwell time – the need to charge up is constant, and therefore the consumer engagement is much higher than other advertising and marketing platforms. And don’t forget, while consumers charge up, they interact with your clients’ brand advertising. goCharge also offers HD TV’s for its charging stations, increasing the level of attention and engagement from consumers.

Bring The Experience To New Heights

Because goCharge was the first company in the industry to bring Cell Phone Charging Kiosks to the market, we have the most experience with working on innovative initiatives and thinking outside the box. Our creative team can come up with custom designs specifically for you and your clients’ goals – and we can work with your vision of bringing your clients’ events to a new level. goCharge has the widest range of Cell Phone Charging units, making it easy for the Charging Stations to easily integrate and enhance your events. For outdoor events, goCharge’s new SolarSystem is completely powered by the sun, eliminating the need for access to electrical outlets.

Encourage Attendees To Promote Their Social Experience On Social Media

Many events and brands utilize social media as one of the most effective marketing tools. Make the most of your clients’ social media exposure and potential by keeping your event attendees charged up. Taking photos and videos drains cell phone and device batteries. If consumers have a dead cell phone by the middle of the activation, they will be more likely to go home and charge (most consumers do not walk around with a cell phone charging cord). With several Cell Phone Charging Stations placed throughout the event, attendees will be carefree and able to fully enjoy the marketing event you put together for your clients.

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goCharge Mobile Charging Stations have been rented by top Experiential Marketing Firms, such as…

  • Bolt Marketing
  • Brand Connections
  • Cardenas Marketing Network
  • Elite Marketing
  • Epic
  • Factory 360
  • FreemanXP
  • Fusion Marketing
  • George P Johnson
  • Global Experience Specialists (GES)
  • GMR Marketing
  • Havas
  • Ignition
  • IMG Live
  • Jack Morton
  • LEO Events
  • Marketing Factory
  • Marketing Werks
  • MKTG
  • Momentum Worldwide
  • Mosiac
  • NCompass
  • Octogan
  • pop2life
  • ProJect
  • Proscenium
  • The Marketing Factory
  • Track Marketing Group

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