⚡️ Keeps guests charged up and able to spend more time at your venue

⚡️ Promotes sponsors’ and advertisers’ brands to generate ROI

⚡️ Allows guests to access social media and post

⚡️ Increases dwell time in food courts, bars and restaurants onsite.

⚡️ Our new, green Solar-Powered Stations eliminate the need to plug into the grid

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How goCharge Helps Casinos and Gaming Establishments

GoCharge has provided Charging Stations at many casinos, such as Wind Creek Casinos, Foxwood Resort Casinos and MotorCity Hotel and Casino. Much like the importance of ATMs at casinos, cell phone charging kiosks are a necessity for casino guests. The power to charge their cell phones or tablets encourages them to stay in the casinos longer. A dead cell phone battery is the perfect excuse to call it quits and head back home, but if they know there is a Mobile Charging Station nearby, they can recharge and go back to the games. And what better place to put the Cell Phone Charging station than next to the ATM, one of the most frequented machines in a casino? This increases visibility and gives guests comfort in knowing that if they need to, they can charge their cell phones.

Placing goCharge Mobile Charging Stations throughout your venue is a valuable amenity for your guests. This promotes a positive user experience at the event, encouraging them to return in the future. For outdoor venues, goCharge offers Solar Powered Charging Stations. They are weather resistant and eliminate the need for electrical cords. goCharge also provides a wide range of cell phone charging kiosks from wall mountable stations to stations on wheels. You name it, we have it – or, we can always make customize a solution to meet your needs. Our classic hi-top tables and solar tables are perfect for racetracks so attendees can stand around with a beer, and charge their cell phones with the cords provided at the tables. All of goCharge’s mobile charging stations can be custom branded.

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