Why 2018 Will See the End of the Wire

By goCharge CEO David Walke

With the global wireless charging market slated to grow at a CAGR of more than 33% by 2020, consumers and businesses alike can start packing up their charging cords, for good.

Companies like Apple, Xiaomi, and many other smartphone companies are quickly making Qi wireless charging technology the new charging standard for most modern technology.

People typically use wireless charging in four standard places: home, work, traveling, and restaurants. There has never been a more exciting time to innovate than now.

The term “charging” will be entirely redefined, steering away from a term that requires actions such as finding a cord, perhaps an adaptor, an outlet, and a place where it is okay to remain stationery while a phone charges.

Wirelessly charging a phone has begun to become a concept that no longer interrupts—rather, it harmoniously blends into our daily activities, in the background, without much of a thought.

It is expected that the Qi charging technology will become an industry requirement for mobile charging, with good reason—almost all smartphones are currently made with this functionality.

New standards are quickly being set by businesses and consumers who have now adopted wireless charging as a daily lifestyle staple; these standards demand time-saving convenience and seamless experiences.

Gone will be the days of searching for lost cords, buying adaptors to accommodate new technology, or sitting somewhere odd (like a building hallway or bathroom lobby – we’ve all been there) in the desperate situation of needing an outlet.

Wireless charging technology has become integrated into our lives already, with the integration of wireless charging into furniture—coffee and end tables, counter tops, and slabs.

Imagine this: you’re checking into your hotel, your phone is almost dead due to traveling, and you look on to the counter and see a “charge” logo. You place your phone on it, and it immediately begins to charge, wirelessly. This is the not-so-far-away future.

As the notion of convenience becomes transformed into an elevated and advanced version of itself right in front of our eyes, we are thrilled for the time to come when staying powered up and connected is effortless.

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