Wireless Charging Furniture

Wireless Charging Furniture

Now you can bring the convenience of wireless charging to your lobby, hotel, night club, hospital, office, and just about any waiting room or lounge area where your guests gather.  These tables are not only functional, they’re stunning – with matching bases and Corian® Surfaces.

⚡️ 2 Wireless Rapid Charging spots

⚡️ 2 Optional USB ports

⚡️ Smart Technology: charging stops once  device is fully charged.

⚡️ Locking wheels for ease of transport

⚡️ Powered by a standard 110/120V AC outlet


⚡️  28”W x 52”L x 18” H”

⚡️  70 lbs.

⚡️  24”W x 24”L x 24” H”

⚡️  30 lbs.

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