UV-C Sanitizing Lights To Any Charging Locker


Add UV-C Sanitizing Lights To Any Charging Locker

We now offer UV-C light modules that can be added to any of our charging lockers to sanitize cell phones while also charging their batteries. UV-C has been proven to kill 99% of all bacteria and germs -and can disinfect cell phones in 5 minutes!

Available on new Charging Stations or Add them to Charging Stations you already own. 

How Dirty are Your Cell Phones and How UV-C Light Can Disinfect Them

⚡️ Ultraviolet Light Modules Kill 99% of Germs and Bacteria in 5 minutes
⚡️ Safety Mechanism Protects User From Direct Exposure to UV-C
⚡️ Secure Lockers to Charge and Sanitize Phones, Tablets and iPads
⚡️ Applicable For Any Business or Venue
⚡️ Helps Ensure a Safe, Germ-Free Environment

A Full Line of Charging Stations

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