How Dirty are Your Cell Phones and How UV-C Light Can Disinfect Them

It is nearly impossible in this era of technology that someone is living without a smartphone or at least a simple cell phone. Each and every single person carries his/her phone all day long, setting it down on public benches, chairs, tables, public bathroom counters, and many more places. All of these places have dirty germs, bacteria, viruses and much more that no one can see with the naked eyes, and phones get really gross and dirty more than one can imagine.

How Dirty Are Our Cell Phones?
Scientific studies show that cell phones carry 10X more bacteria than most toilet seats. Research also found that there are typically around 17,000 gene copies of bacteria on cell phones belonging to high school students. 

Given that the average America touches their cell phone 47 times per day, this is an unimaginable extent to which you can pass harmful germs and bacteria from your hands to your face. At this time, where humanity is already suffering from a global crisis with the COVID-10  pandemic, cleaning your phone is imperative and more critical than ever before.

Thankfully there are many ways a cell phone can be cleaned, and one of the best ways is using UV-C light to sanitize and disinfect your phone cell phone.

What is UV-C Light?
There are three different UV light spectrums which are UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C, respectively. They all are known to kill viruses, however exposure to UV-A and UV-B can cause cancer and eye problems.  Only UV-C light (with a wavelength around 220 nm) cannot reach or damage any living cells in the body, but it can penetrate and kill viruses. It happens due to the tiny wavelength of UV-C, which is powerful enough to penetrate and disintegrate the nucleic acid of bacteria and viruses.  

UV-C light safely kills 99% or germs and bacteria because exposure to UVC light is safe for people, but potentially lethal for viruses in the air.

How does UV-C work to kill germs and bacteria?
The process of UV-C devices is straightforward, and they contain the particular type of bulb which primarily emit UV-C light. These lights make sure that they throw enough energy on the phones to thoroughly disinfect them. These specialized devices are designed to kill bacteria and viruses on the flat surfaces by damaging their RNA or DNA.

The scientific studies reveal that if the DNA of bacteria gets damaged, it dies, and if the nucleic acid of viruses gets damaged, they cannot affect anymore.

How can you disinfect your cell phone using UV-C Light?
There are many UV-C disinfectants available in the market, most are for home and personal use on a single cell phone.  But goCharge has introduced kiosks with 8-10 individual lockers that will safely and effectively sanitize cell phones, while also charging its battery.  Cell phones can be placed into a locker and plugged into the charging cord that fits that phone – and the UVC light will disinfect the phone in the first 5 minutes of the battery charge.  Some lockers will also accommodate up to a 11” iPad or other tablet. 

Bottom Line
Our phones are dirtier than we can imagine, and they are prone to get all kinds of germs due to our daily routine. That is why it is important during the current crisis, and in our ongoing life routine as well, everyone should sanitize and disinfect their cell phone as often as possible to protect against the germs and bacteria that gather on it during everyday use.