5 Advantages to Renting a Charging Station Over Buying

goCharge mobile charging stations are the pioneer solution to keep your consumers connected. Nobody wants to be out with a dying cell phone, and whether it’s a music festival, a hospital, or a college campus, goCharge mobile charging stations provide that relief factor everyone is looking for in the desperate state of a drained cell phone battery.

goCharge rents more charging stations to more venues and events than any of its competitors. goCharge serve Colleges and Universities, Restaurants, Sports Stadiums, Airports, Hospitals, Bars, Clubs and Venues, Trade Shows and Conventions, Casinos, Non-Profit Organizations and much more. Also remember, goCharge charging station rentals are free for your customers, which greatly improves their overall experience. On the market for a cell phone charging station for your event, but don’t know where to start?

goCharge Custom Branded Cell Phone Charging Kiosk - DHL

goCharge Custom Branded Cell Phone Charging Kiosk – DHL

Start here: Consider renting or buying. In our expert opinion, there are many advantages to renting a charging station vs. buying one.

      1. More Cost Effective
        There is no need to allocate a large percentage of your budget to a cell phone charging kiosk, which is why renting one from goCharge is the perfect solution for a cost effective marketing strategy. Renting a cell phone charging station is a fraction of the cost of buying one.
      2. Less Hassle Without Maintenance
        When you rent a cell phone charging station from GoCharge, we ensure that the unit is working properly every time it’s deployed.
      3. Custom Advertising On Your Kiosk
        When you rent a charging station from goCharge, increase brand awareness and sales by putting custom branding on it with your own graphics or graphics we provide for you. As their cell phones charge, consumers learn and talk about your brand.
      4. goCharge Stores and Ships For you
        When you rent instead of buy a cell phone charging station from goCharge, we take full responsibility in shipping and storing the kiosk. As we rent to thousands of clients, we are experts at the process and efficient with time and logistics. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.
      5. Extra Services
        When you rent a cell phone charging station from goCharge, we make it our top priority to provide you with White Glove service from beginning to end. Think: Branding, shipping, delivery and installation, and storage. We’re here for you.

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