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goCharge Mobile Charging Station For Rent

Do you want to delight guests at your event, keep them connected to business, family and friends and even engage them in a mobile relationship? Renting a goCharge mobile charging station is a proven way to do just that. goCharge rents more charging stations to more venues and events than anyone in the industry. In 2016 alone, goCharge provided almost 2,000 charging stations to over 400 business conferences and consumer-focused experiential events. At marquis events such as the U.S. Tennis Open, SXSW, CES Bonnaroo and The Daytona 500, event and venue managers recognize goCharge as the go-to solution for providing mobile charging solutions to their millions of visitors. We work with dozens of event coordinators, meeting planners and show organizers, conferences, bar and venue owners and much more.

goCharge offers charging units from wall-mounted open bay stations to 40-locker, double-sided, digital screen-equipped stations to large, solar-powered charging stations. All our charging solutions come with our award winning “white glove” service which guarantees that the unit is delivered, set up and returned in a hassle-free manner.

Our charging station rentals give your guests the opportunity to enjoy your event or venue without worrying about losing power on their mobile devices. Better yet, our charging station rentals are free for your customers, which greatly improves their overall experience.

6 Reasons to Rent a Charging Station for Your Next Event

No Maintenance, Less Hassle

When you rent a charging station from goCharge, we ensure that the unit is working properly every time it’s deployed.

Generate Revenue Through Sponsorship

When you rent a charging station from goCharge, it can be custom branded with your sponsor’s graphics and video content. We also offer Canvass™, a proprietary data collection platform.

Door-to-door Shipping and Storage

When you rent a charging station, we store and ship it for you.

Five-Star White Glove Service

When you rent a cell phone charging station, five-star white glove service is our top priority. Everything from branding, shipping, delivery and installation.

Save Big With Rental

No need to spend the money on purchasing a charging station when you can rent one for a fraction of the cost.

Try The Newest and Hottest Tech

Rent anything from the most basic table-top charger to the highly advanced SolarSystem Charging Station

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