4 Insights for The Future of Data and Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Almost every move you make these days is captured. Whether it’s shopping in a store, searching online, or leasing a car, your information matters, and companies want to know about you. That’s why the future of business intelligence is bright and growing—there has never been a more exciting time for utilizing data. goCharge’s new intelligence gathering platform, Canvass™, makes our industry leading charging stations even more valuable to venues and events. We partnered with NetObjex, a leading internet of things (IoT) developer; which has allowed us to provide a “last mile” solution for engaging customers and visitors while capturing customized information about them that you can turn into high value leads. Our intelligent mobile charging stations offer an innovative method for business owners and venue hosts who wish to acquire hyper-local and real-time consumer insights about their customers. Collecting this customer information is crucial for measuring traffic, creating engagement, and turning visitors into qualified leads that can be contacted immediately.

Business Intelligence is on the rise, and here is the future we see for this booming industry:

1- Mainstream Distribution

Business Intelligence highly benefits specified roles like data scientists and Chief Data Officers. But Business Intelligence also helps every single person in an organization do their job better—the Marketing Department, Human Resources, and Sales employees will all do their job better if they know who their consumer is. Viral distribution to an entire company will change the way employees think and feel about their roles, careers, and job loyalty.

2- Consolidate

High demand for data comes with high demand for data tools. Currently, many organizations use many tools to collect necessary BI, but in 2017, this will change. Since companies will start to prioritize BI, they’ll prioritize honing in on 1-2 tools that “do it all”—rather than spreading the data over multiple platforms. This will cut costs and increase efficiency.

3- Elevate Business Intelligence to a Core Part of the Company

goCharge Canvass Business Intelligence

goCharge Canvass Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is becoming so important that the whole industry will be prioritized as a core piece of an organization as opposed to a reporting tool. As is with goCharge, we are bringing BI to the core of our company by offering Canvass, our custom BI charging stations. We predict this will change our whole company and brand, making goCharge an authority in the Business Intelligence industry.

4- Digesting Your Data Better

From 2014-2016, companies would often aggregate all the Big Data they collected and present managers, clients, potential vendors, and others interested with reports, presentations, and analytics. In 2017, companies will be smarter with visualization as it relates to their BI. After all, the goal of collecting data is to use it in an effective way to better your business. In order to do this, companies will start focusing on innovative ways in which the mass public can see, digest, visualize, and utilize their important data.

How have you used Business Intelligence in your career? Tell us in the comments below.

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