Intelligent Mobile Charging Stations

The Industry Leader in Branded Charging Solutions Just Got Smarter

goCharge created Canvass™ to make our industry leading charging stations even more valuable to our customers. Offering a “last mile” solution for engaging customers and visitors, Canvass™:

  • Captures real-time, hyper-local marketing insights about consumers
  • Provides an innovative, customized engagement platform
    (surveys, sweepstakes/ instant win/ mobile coupons, etc.)
  • Turns one-time visits into ongoing mobile relationships
  • Allows business owners and venue hosts to learn more about their customers and reach them through text marketing

Canvass™ is an interactive customer engagement and marketing platform that uses BehavioralRx™, a proprietary consumer behavioral science to immediately engage customers in their moment of interest – contextually adjusting the “conversation”, responses and deliverables to guide and nurture their experience.

What is the Canvass™ Data Collection Process?

Event attendees will be incentivized to text to Canvass™ by a need to charge or to participate in a promotion Your customers will be able to power a charging locker for their phone by texting a customized code that appears on the station or on signage or other media at the event, which will send them a text message containing several customized survey questions or offers, which are responded to on the mobile device.

After completing the engagement, your customer simply places their phone in a selected locker and begins charging. If a charge is not required, Canvass™ will still capture the attendee data and provide event host to establish a mobile relationship with guests.

How Does Canvass™ Acquire Customer Data?

goCharge’s Canvass™ is able to leverage this opportunity to engage and acquire hyper-local and real-time consumer insights. We have three channels of acquiring this data:

  1. Targeted awareness:Sensors located on our stations (not on the Hi-Top at this time) measure passing traffic within a 5ft radius, and again within a 30ft radius, giving client accurate measurement of traffic viewing their content.
  2. Engagement:Sensors in the doors of a locked solution (Orion/Atlas) measure how many times a bay is used, and smart switches connected to charging cables count how many charges each bay delivers, duration of charge, and type of phone.
  3. Customer Acquisition:The gateway to a charge is an SMS launched mobile engagement. Patrons will have to text a unique code to our Canvass™ platform. By doing so, they receive a link to a sponsored engagement (survey, sweepstakes, instant win, game, app download, etc.). At the end of a engagement, patrons can opt in to whatever actionable the client wants (i.e.: test drives, promotions redemption, mailing lists, app downloads, SMS marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, etc.). Additionally, the captured mobile number is reverse appended with matching data files that are customized by category (auto, travel, financial services, retail, etc).

How customizable are the engagements?

Each engagement is specifically tailored to each customer and caters to what your business is trying to accomplish. For example, if you are an automotive company that wants to promote your newest vehicle, we can deliver survey questions that can lead a customer to opt in to a test drive or incentives to visit a dealership., information session, rebate, etc. In the end, every client will want “hand-raisers”; goCharge provides the platform to facilitate that. 

What Other Types of Campaigns are Available?

Depending on your business goals, you can create a variety of campaigns that best target your particular customer. For example, app downloads, SMS campaigns, test drives, loyalty programs, mailing lists, coupons and promotion redemptions have been found to be particularly effective ways to nurture leads.

Canvass™ is available to rental and purchase customers. There is an additional set up fee and data platform charge that your goCharge representative can discuss with you.

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