What Healthcare Facilities are Doing to Provide Germ-Free Environments

Common Cell Phone Usage Practices (Yuk!)

In a recent survey of 408 Americans, over 60% of respondents admitted they use their cell phones in the bathroom! Most reported they look at text messages, social media and email. Some even admitted they stay in the bathroom longer because they are using their phones!  

While you may be nodding your head thinking “guilty”, this is particularly disturbing for people in the healthcare industry. 

Cell Phone Cleaning in Hospitals Should be a Common Practice

Washing hands and disinfecting surfaces are common practice in the healthcare environment, but the importance of cleaning cell phones is equally important.  Many studies have shown that cell phones can act as reservoirs of bacterial and viral contamination, which could compromise the safety of Healthcare workers and patients.

The Global Infection Prevention Experts at PDI surveyed 100 nurses about their cell phone use practices and the results were quite interesting:

Where do Nurses Use Their Cell Phones?

  • 72% of nurses reported using their cell phones at nursing stations
  • 76% used them in public areas such as the cafeteria
  • 50% used them in bathrooms

How Frequently Do They Use Their Cell Phones?

  • 84% of nurses reported frequently touching their cell phone during shift without gloves on

What Role Do Nurses Think Cell Phones Play in Pathogen Transmission?

  • 96% of respondents believe that cell phones play a major role

How Much Compliance Training Did Nurses Receive Regarding Cell Phone Cleaning?

  • Only 3% of respondents received formal training on sanitizing their cell phones
  • Only 25% of respondents think there is a significant need for hospitals to have stricter policies and procedures to prevent contamination of these hand-held, high touch devices

A Step Closer Towards Protecting Staff, Patients and Visitors

Many hospitals are now providing easy and effective ways for their staff, as well as patients and visitors, to sanitize and disinfect their phones with UV-C Cell Phone Sanitizing & Charging Lockers, like those provided by goCharge.  These goCharge Stations have 8-10 individual lockers that use UVC light to sanitize phones while also charging their batteries.  Studies have proven that UV-C light can kill 99% of germs and bacteria without posing any health risks.

Today, you will find goCharge UV-C Cell Phone Sanitizing & Charging Lockers in many hospitals and medical centers, such as Northwell Health Hospitals, Bellevue Hospital, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Valley Children’s Hospital, Ohio State University Medical Center, UC Davis Medical Center and many more – bringing their facility one step closer to ensuring a safe environment for their staff , patients and visitors.


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