Tips for Branding your Charging Stations

ThNew version of Hi-Top Tablee process is simple. Upon your order, we will send you templates and easy instructions for your custom branded charging station. All you need to do is populate the template and send it back to us and we will take care of the rest. Your unit arrives EXACTLY how the submitted and approved proof was sent to us. No mistakes! Ready to go. Just plug it in. But, how do you decide how to brand your charging station? THAT is the tough part!

We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to consider when deciding how you want your brand or event to be displayed to the fans, friends, consumers or attendees utilizing your charging station.

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  • Language: What message are you trying convey to the audience that will be charging their phones at your new cell phone charging station? Do you simply want to showcase your brand, or is there opportunity to convey more than just who you are? Consider using the station as a way to advertise a new product or service, a new location, or more.


  • Color: Are your logo and brand colors visually pleasing enough to catch the attention of your audience? Where will your charging station be placed? Consider using non-traditional colors of your brand such a seasonal colors or colors themed to match the event or location the charging station will be in. For example, if your brand colors are blue and white but you’re placing the charging station at a music festival, consider adding a few pops of bright yellow. If you’re placing the charging station at a trade show or conference, stick with your traditional branding.


  • Connect: What is the call-to-action associated with branding your charging station with your company? Maybe there isn’t one, or maybe the goCharge charging station is an opportunity to inspire an action! Consider adding your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Pinterest accounts to really drive your audience to your brand. Or, if you have an upcoming event or opportunity, use your charging station as an opportunity to advertise it! If you’re buying your charging station and would like a message that is relevant year round, consider including your brand’s achievements or accolades to impress your audience.


  • Audience: What demographic are you hoping to reach and where will your audience be using your new goCharge charging station? Are you a business advertising at a trade show? Are you a clothing company advertising at a mall? Alter your language, colors, and calls-to-action based on who you think (or know) will be using your charging station.

But not to worry, if you need help designing your first, or next, custom branded goCharge charging station, our experts can help guide you through the process to create a visually stunning representation of your brand!

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