In-Person Events Are Coming Back

The onset of the pandemic in early 2020 saw almost every event that would have been held during the year canceled. All businesses that were organizing conferences and events saw a complete shut-down. The world had to adapt and move from in-person events to virtual ones. 

It’s been a very troubling time for humanity as a whole. However, almost a year removed from the beginning of the pandemic, the tide is starting to change now that an increasing number of people are receiving their vaccinations. It makes people feel much more comfortable about attending in-person events. 

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Organizations Are Expecting

In-Person Events To Come Back

As vaccination rollouts are under way and additional federal government stimulus packages are dispersed, many markets are opening or reopening in various stages. According to Pollstar, concert organizers now have some semblance of what summer and fall could look like and are planning events with some confidence and the ability to scale up if things open further.

Lots of other organizations are also looking to return to normal. For example, Graceland is planning to hold in-person events during Elvis Week. Sports events are also making a comeback. UFC president Dana White expects to have fans back in the arenas as soon as summer. Dana claims, “I don’t want a percentage; I want to sell out.” And, InvestmentNews reports that the Conference and Event Industry is hoping to meet face-to-face again as COVID-19 vaccines are being distributed across the country and in response, companies are prepping for in-person events slated for the second half of 2021.

In-Person Events With Added Safety Precautions Will Be The Way To Go

Even after receiving the vaccine, a lot of people are still going to be somewhat nervous about going to events with large numbers. To help ease the anxiety for some attendees, organizers will have to implement safety precautions such as limiting the number of people in a room at once or moving certain parts of the conference outside. Cathy Lanier, chief security officer for the NFL says that covid-driven technologies, like touchless and contactless systems, are “here to stay, as they will upgrade the customer experience and provide safety and security as well.”

These covid-driven technologies range from touchless and contactless systems, temperature scans and other creative solutions such as the Cellphone Sanitizing and Charging Station offered by goCharge, which uses UV-C light sanitizing stations to disinfect cell phones while also charging the batteries. 



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