Since 2009, goCharge has been at the forefront of the Mobile Charging Industry, always offering the latest in functionality, innovation and style!

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Since 2009, goCharge has been at the forefront of the Mobile Charging Industry, always offering the latest in functionality, innovation and style!

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goCharge Provides Charging Stations to Most of the Major Conferences and Events in the Country.

A Full Line of Charging Stations

FREE Branding and Shipping on all Rentals!

Why goCharge

goCharge is dedicated to providing secure and reliable charging solutions that keep guests, attendees and customers fully charged and easily connected at major events and popular venues. This has been our mission since we began in 2009, and we have worked tirelessly to provide The Power to Stay Connected through the widest range of charging solutions and technology. Cell Phone Charging Stations generate goodwill and customer loyalty between visitors in need of a charge and the companies, facilities and brands that sponsor them.

Go Green with goCharge

As pioneers in the Industry, goCharge leads the way in cell phone charging innovation and has now launched a line of Solar Powered Charging Stations that are eco-friendly and perfect for outdoor placement and emergency situations.

Keep Everyone Happy & Connected

Perfect Customer Engagement & Branding Opportunity. Whether for your sponsor’s brand or your own, charging stations are a highly-valued amenity that generate brand awareness and customer affinity.

Built to Last, Turnkey Charging Solutions

Sturdy and durable designs, custom branding, fast turnaround and flexible delivery options- backed by 24/7 customer support- make goCharge the best choice.

Industries We Serve

Conferences & Trade Shows

Sponsors or advertisers are always looking for something unique and attention-getting to attract attendees at conferences and trade shows. Cell Phone Charging Stations offer a unique customer engagement and branding opportunity, offering a convenience that will be appreciated and will increase dwell time. goCharge Charging Stations have been rented year after year for thousands of events serving clients such as JP Morgan, Forrester, KPMG, Scripps and Spotify.

Hospitals & Medical Facilities

Cell Phone Charging Stations are becoming a staple in most hospitals and medical facilities and goCharge Charging Stations can be found at hundreds of major hospitals, such Memorial Sloan-Kettering, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Mt. Sinai, Houston Medical Center and Northwell Health. A guaranteed way to improve patient satisfaction, Charging Stations are also perfect for waiting rooms, cafeterias, nurses’ stations and employee break rooms.

Colleges & Universities

Cell Phone Charging Stations are a great investment for any college campus as student life has become highly dependent on communication by cell phones and tablets. goCharge has worked with many colleges and universities around the country, including Boston University, City University of New York (CUNY), Ohio State University and University of California, Berkeley. Our Mobile Charging Kiosks and Tables have been placed in cafeterias, hallways, student unions and libraries, servicing tens of thousands of students.

Sports & Entertainment Venues

With paperless ticketing and ride-share applications rapidly gaining momentum, in addition to the enjoyment of capturing key moments to post on social media sites, the availability of Cell Phone Charging Station is a necessity at Sport Stadiums, Arenas, Amphitheaters and other large Entertainment Venues. Gocharge Charging Stations can be found in 27 of the 30 National MLB Ballparks, numerous NFL, NHL & NBA Stadiums and our Solar Powered Tables are featured at Live Nation Arenas around the county.

Music Festivals & Outdoor Events

At outdoor events and festivals, Cell Phone Charging Stations keep attendees on-site and happy, and increase revenues and dwell time at food courts. And our new Solar Powered Charging Stations are weather- resistant, eco-friendly and eliminate the need for long, hazardous electrical cords. You’ll find goCharge Cell Phone Charging Stations at most of the major music festivals around the country, such as Bonnaroo, Coachella, SxSW and Governor’s Ball, as well as the Sundance Film Festival, Annapolis Boat Show and Westchester Food and Wine Festival.

Our Features

Sponsors Gain A Captive Audience

Our tables and stations encourage face-to-face interaction while devices are charging.

Exposure For Your Brand

Customize our charging stations with your logo and branding.

Keep Everyone Connected

Whether it’s to their office, family or a safe return home.

Turnkey Solution

We’ll deliver your station to wherever you need it, whenever you want it.

24/7 Customer Support

We’re always available for customer service and maintenance assistance.

Compatible With All Mobile Devices

Each station provides the latest charging cords, compatible with all devices.

Clients We Work With


Don't just take our word for it

As a pioneer in the industry, our vast experience, broad range of models, affordable solutions, and our best-in-class customer service keep our customers coming back to us year after year.

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