GoCharge Sanitizing Stations At The US OPEN

It’s no secret that the coronavirus has had a profound effect on industries and economies worldwide. It would also be hard to downplay the tremendous impact that the pandemic has had on the sports industry, where revenue largely relies on fans attending public sporting events.  The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics were even postponed recently, and the delay will cost the city billions of dollars.

Unfortunately, due to the health risk, the US OPEN will not be open to fans this year but the tennis matches are still taking place with players and staff onsite.  Traditionally, goCharge has placed Cell Phone Charging Stations in the Player’s Lounge. This year, however, the Lounge is closed, so in an effort to provide cell phone charging facilities and also keep the players and staff safe, goCharge has installed Cell Phone Sanitizing and Charging Stations outside in the food court area.

Keeping Staff And Players Safe And Connected

GoCharge is proud that the US OPEN has chosen to utilize our Charging and Sanitizing Stations to remain connected and germ-free. Every station has 10 lockers, each with UV-C disinfecting lights and 3 phone charging cords to fit any phone. Our lockers even include a safety mechanism to prevent direct exposure to UV-C. 

It can be extremely challenging to lead a modern life without a smartphone, but that doesn’t mean that your cell phone is clean. In fact, studies have shown that cell phones are seven times dirtier than toilet seats. Our specialized GoCharge Sanitizing Stations ensure that 99% of all germs and bacteria on cell phones are eliminated and that US OPEN players and staff can have some peace of mind regarding sanitation.


Continuing Tradition

GoCharge is grateful that we are able to provide these services to the US OPEN players and staff, and recognize the incredible tradition we’re helping to uphold. The US OPEN is one of the world’s oldest tennis championships. 

For those who are unaware, the stadium is named after Arthur Ashe, a professional tennis player. Ashe was the first African American player chosen to play for the United States Davis Cup. He was also the only African American man to ever win the singles title at Wimbledon, US OPEN, and the Australian Open.


True Convenience

What separates GoCharge sanitizing stations from the competition? Our lockers not only sanitize your cell phones, but allow players and staff to charge their phones at the same time. This is particularly crucial to staff who have to remain connected to help organize a large and complicated event such as the US OPEN. 

We don’t often think about all of the germs and bacteria on our cell phones during our daily life, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have to address the issue. GoCharge stations at the US OPEN are fast and effective, killing 99% of all germs and bacteria in just 5 minutes. 


Additional Information

Our GoCharge Charging Stations come in many different models for both indoor and outdoor use, and most are available with UV-C sanitizing lights. GoCharge Charging Stations can also be found at much more than just sporting a events – we’re perfect for hospitals, universities, conferences, and much more! Our GoCharge stations can also be custom-branded. Feel free to contact me for pricing and additional information.



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