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⚡️ We keep MLB, NFL and NHL fans around the country charged up

⚡️ Promotes sponsors’ and advertisers’ brands to generate ROI

⚡️ Increase customer dwell time and spend in food courts

⚡️ Perfect for Marathons, Horse Races, Motorsports and more

⚡️ Allows fans to access social media and record/post

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A Full Line of Charging Stations

How goCharge Helps Sporting Events

goCharge keeps your audience charged up, connected, and worry-free at all sporting events and gatherings. Sporting events attract an excited, passionate, and like-minded crowd – all who are there to be entertained and make memories. Keep all your attendees charged up and stress-free about battery life by providing them with Cell Phone Charging Stations located around the arena. Our free-standing or wall-mounted Charging Stations are perfect for waiting areas such as a lobby, entrance or outside a restroom. And our tables are great for food courts and restaurants where guest can eat, drink or socialize while charging their cell phones. And our solar charging stations are perfect for the outdoors, powered by the sun, eliminating the need to run electrical wires.

Our wide variety of Cell Phone Charging Stations, including customized models, offer ample space for branding and advertising, both on the stations and on videos playing on attached HD monitors. If you need branding or wrapping ideas and/or execution, goCharge is here for all your charging needs from end to end.

Our Customized Solutions Are Featured In MLB, NFL & NHL Arenas Around The Country. In 2012, MLB approached goCharge with a vision. Within a few short months, goCharge designed and deployed The MLB Table into 19 stadiums around the Nation. Today, goCharge is operational in 27 of the 30 ballparks, a definite home-run! goCharge has also been featured in Sport Techie for providing several of its Cell Phone Charging Stations to the Cleveland Cavaliers and Indiana Pacers to help keep fans charged up. Whether you’d like standard Charging stations, custom Charging Stations, or solar Charging Stations, goCharge has the right product for you.

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