Cell Phone Charging Stations for Outdoor Events


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Being Outdoors Doesn’t Mean Being Out of Luck

Mobile Charging Stations for Outdoor Events

People look forward to outdoor events such as fairs, carnivals and festivals all year round. These events are a time for people to enjoy gathering with friends and family, fun activities and memorable experiences – all of which they’ll want to capture on their cell phones. goCharge Mobile Charging Stations have been featured at the Minnesota State Fair, TELUS Street Festival, and the Grand Opening Ceremonies for the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington DC. Place a custom branded Cell Phone Charging Station at a central location or throughout the whole venue to give attendees the power to stay connected and share their experience with all their friends and social media followers.

Promote Your Brand At Boat Shows

goCharge provides Cell Phone Charging Stations at boat shows, such as the Annapolis Boat Show and more. Typically a multi-day event with very long hours, boat shows attract people who are looking to buy a boat, check out the new models or just for fun. And vendors spend lots of money trying to promote their brands and draw attendees’ attention. What better way to catch their eye than offering a free charge at a goCharge Cell Phone Charging Station — completely wrapped with your brand and running your advertisements on the attached HD TV? A Mobile Charging Kiosks is guaranteed to give your guests a better overall experience and make them want to hang around your booth longer.

Keep Them Charged Up At The Park

A leisurely stroll or family picnic in the park can turn into a stressful one with only 10% battery life left in your cell phone or tablet. And how do you tell people where to find you if your phone is dead? A goCharge Cell Phone Charging Kiosk is the answer and the perfect promotional opportunity to create brand awareness. Keep park goers charged up to take pictures, record videos, and post on social media — and encourage them to return again and again.

Customize Your Charging Station

goCharge was the the first company to introduce Cell Phone Charging Stations to the market — growing with the demand and desires of the public. You will find goCharge offers the most diverse and sleek selection of Mobile Charging Kiosks with goCharge; and moreover, we have the exclusive and knowledgeable teams and support your company needs to get the best ROI on your event when by renting or buying charging stations. goCharge can customize any Mobile Charging Kiosk to fit your needs — we get the job done!

goCharge Solar System: The Most Advanced Charging Station Under The Sun

Introducing the new cord-free SolarSystem Charging Station exclusively by goCharge. This high tech and easy to use Cell Phone Charging Station is powered completely by the sun, free of cords and electrical hazards. Say goodbye to long, windy, and dangerous cords running through fields or parks — the all-weather SolarSystem is the solution to all your charging problems. Additionally, goCharge provides White Glove Service; which means we offer installation help with any product you buy or rent from us so your experience with goCharge and our charging stations are always pleasant and seamless.

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goCharge HiTop in Use

goCharge Mobile Charging Solutions can be found at many outdoor events such as…

  • Annapolis Boat Show
  • Big Smoke Las Vegas
  • BlueGill Festival
  • Eaux Claires Festival
  • Elizabeth Town Sportspark
  • Fair St. Louis
  • Kansas City Art Fair
  • JCPenney NYC Wine & Food Festival
  • L’Festival
  • Lost Highway Festival
  • MADE Fashion Week
  • Minnesota State Fair
  • Mountain Connect 2015, Vail CO
  • Mountain Festival, Crested Butte, CO
  • Ojai Wine and Music Festival
  • Premiere Napa Valley Open House
  • Salmon Days Fair
  • Smithsonian African American Museum Grand Opening
  • Spring Awakening
  • TELUS Street Festival
  • Time Warner Cable Plaza Art Fair
  • Washington State Fair
  • Westchester Food and Wine Festival
  • World Maker Fair, NY

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