The Best New Phones for 2017

New phones for 2017

New phones for 2017

The iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy 8 are both due in 2017—a year that is meant to bring a record high in innovative mobile technology. One particular part to note is the new Snapdragon 835 chip that helps with faster performance and longer battery life. Before you head to the store to complete your upgrade, check out goCharge’s list of the best phones coming your way. Patience is key—you may want to wait a few months for the best new phone before taking the plunge too early.

  1. Apple iPhone 8. Everyone’s always looking for the next best thing. While the iPhone 7 has been a huge hit, there are already talks about the iPhone 8.  Click here for iPhone 8 rumors. Take note: there will be no physical Home button on the iPhone 8!
  2. Samsung Galaxy 8. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 didn’t exactly have the greatest 2016—what with the explosions, and all—and you can guess that Samsung is eager to introduce a new phone to the market. The Samsung Galaxy 8 will be the first smartphone to feature Snapdragon 835. This phone is the most anticipated for 2017.
  3. HTC 11. Just because HTC 10 wasn’t well received by its consumers doesn’t mean HTC is stopping there—the HTC 11 is supposed to be better than ever. You can expect more RAM (8GB) and a better battery life, and a faster processor.
  4. Xiamo Mi 6. It will be the first Chinese phone to feature the long-awaited Snapdragon 835, and with the good response from consumers about the Mi 5, the Mi 6 should be one of the best upcoming Android smartphones to consider.

Which smartphone are you considering in 2017? If you’re ever at an event and your battery is dying, make sure to look out for a goCharge charging kiosk!

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