Charging Solutions For: Venue Owners

Happy customers spend more time (and money) at your venue.

Mobile device charging stations can provide an important utility for your customers, which will drive increased traffic and dwell time, as well as a new revenue stream for your venue. goCharge has placed mobile device charging stations in bars, fitness and rec centers, restaurants, malls, libraries, theme parks, casinos, movie theaters, coffee shops, college campuses… and more!

Complete with video screens, static billboards and wrap capabilities, sponsorship of these kiosks is a hot new way to generate revenue for your business. goCharge also has a model that can accept credit cards, so you have the opportunity to “charge for a charge”.

Key Features For Venue Owners:

  • Keep customers from leaving to charge devices
  • Earn extra revenue via pay-per-charge systems.
  • Provide excellent value to your customers at a very low cost.


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