Charging Solutions For: Exhibitors

Increase Brand Awareness and Affinity in Common Areas

Sponsored charging stations in common areas, for all to see and use, provide excellent brand awareness and favorably disposes the attendees to your brand for giving them The Power to Stay Connected. Stations can go in exhibit halls, outside presentation rooms, in the food court or anywhere the traffic goes!

Get More People Spending Time at Your Booth

Mobile device charging stations are a great new marketing tool at conferences, trade shows and exhibitions. goCharge kiosks are the best way for exhibitors to drive attendees to their booth, and keep them there while their phone is charging. Complete with video screens, static billboards and wrap capabilities, charging stations are a great way to enhance your presence at the show. It delivers high value to the trade show attendee, and has a low cost to the exhibitor.

Key Features for Exhibitors:

  • Increased time spent at your booth.
  • Extra advertising space to show off your brand.
  • High value for attendees with extremely low per-user cost.


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