Top 3 Reasons Universities Love goCharge Charging Stations

Atlas-State-CollegeLooking to add something fresh to your college or university? Want to give back to the new faces popping up all over campus?

Although the spring semester is wrapping up, college campuses continue hustling throughout the summer, providing dedicated students with retreats and summer classes. Keep your faculty, staff, and students charged by adding the convenience of a goCharge cell phone charging station!

Here are the top three reasons universities love our cell phone charging kiosks:

  1. Commuters – Think of your average commuter. Most of their time is spent on-campus in common areas as they wait for their next class to begin. After an entire day on-campus, there mobile devices are bound to be suffering from battery loss. Placing a goCharge station in your Commuter Lounge, Cafeteria or Student Center could solve this problem for those who do not have a dorm room to charge back up. Furthermore, it reduces the overcrowding and overuse of public outlets and lets students safely store their phone while it receives a charge.
  2. Visual Communication – Users tend to watch over their phone as it charges. This makes for a captured audience. You probably already know that goCharge stations offer optional HD televisions. What you may not know is that these displays can be synced if you have multiple kiosks on-site. Imagine announcing class cancellations, upcoming events, or inclement weather delays via your mobile charging stations. This can ensure that your message is seen by the masses.
  3. Mobility – Did you know that goCharge solutions do not require any renovations to your facility? Simply plug one of our units into an AC outlet and you’re ready to power up. But wait, there’s more! Our Atlas and Zeus models both feature locking wheels for ease of transport, and can be used outside. Students will be able to stay connected during special events no matter where it is held on-campus.

When it comes to providing higher education establishments with charging solutions, goCharge has a wide variety of experience. Institutions of all shapes and sizes across the country are already using our charging, including Penn State, Ohio State, University of Wisconsin, Pace University, Ramapo College and more!

To learn more about getting a goCharge station onto your campus, contact us today to request a quote.

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