The Orion: goCharge’s Most Versatile Cell Phone Charging Kiosk

Fun and convenient, The Orion is a wall-mountable kiosk and is perhaps goCharge’s most versatile solution.

The Orion truly fits anywhere—there is no event or situation in which The Orion doesn’t work. It comes in both white and black finishes and can be custom wrapped for your brand or advertiser (did you know goCharge can handle all your advertising needs from end to end?).

It can be attached to any wall or placed on a tabletop or on an optional pedestal. The Orion can be rented or purchased with open-bay shelves (12 charging cords per shelf), locker shelves (4 lockers per shelf) or a combination of both. The unit also comes with a 19” HD screen.
User-friendly and easily transportable, the Orion can be used in almost any setting. Call us at 844-286-4870 today.


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