How The Tesla Model 3 Could Change The World


Courtesy Tesla

Nearly half a million pre-order Tesla buyers around the world are waiting anxiously to hear any news about the new Tesla 3 model and its imminent release. While there are many innovative changes to the new model, one major one shines above the rest: its supercharger changes. CEO Elon Musk, in an effort to encourage Tesla owners to adopt home charging stations, those who joined the Tesla community after 2017 will be charges a light fee for charging their cars after their entitled 400 kWh of free Supercharging per year runs out.

This is a bummer for those had been relying on the standard, free lifetime Supercharging, but the CEO has made his feelings about publicly charging your car clear. His well known cell phone charging analogy hits home here at goCharge: Musk says, Why would anyone buy a cell phone if, every time they had to charge it, they had to walk into a store? He believes your car is equally as personal of a technology device, therefore powering it up should be in complete control of the owner.

goCharge provides the perfect in-between solution for cell phones: a personal, intimate opportunity to charge your phone in a secure and safe mechanism—all in a public place. Combining the best aspects of each environment’s advantages, goCharge’s mobile charging stations provide comfort and peace of mind while your consumers are on the go.

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