Purchase or Lease A Cell Phone Charging Station, Locker, or Kiosk


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Why You Should Consider Purchasing a Charging Station for Your Business:

Purchasing a cell phone charging station is the perfect way to consistently attract customers and keep them connected and delighted. Providing your guests with a mobile charging solution encourages them to spend more time at your location, allowing you to capitalize on valuable dwell time.

Furthermore, our charging stations enhance the overall customer experience for your guests by allowing them to focus on enjoying their experience at your location instead of worrying about whether or not their device is charged. Additionally, it is a way to enhance your relationships with your guests and patrons through the value of the service.

goCharge manufactures and sells thousands, of charging stations every year. We have the broadest selection of stations in the industry and can satisfy virtually any need. In addition, we’ve created many customer solutions for customers such as Major League Baseball, The US Open, music festivals, universities, hospitals and more. All of these venue owners recognize the important utility that goCharge charging stations offer their guests. Clients also recognize the important revenue contribution that comes with having goCharge stations at their locations through sponsorships, ad sales and data collection.

If you are looking for a long-term way to improve your customer experience and add to your bottom line, there is only one choice – goCharge cell phone charging stations.

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