Cell Phone Charging Stations For Entertainment Venues


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Charge Them Up At Entertainment Venues

Everyone attending an entertainment venue is there for the obvious: to be entertained. Cell phone and tablet usage is absolutely essential during these events, which is why Cell Phone Charging Kiosks are necessary and expected at entertainment venues. Entertainment is all about taking photos and recording videos, posting to social media, meeting up with friends, coworkers, or anybody important. This requires constant texting and calling, paying for merchandise, food and drink (Apple Pay, Venmo, PayPal, Chase Quickpay, etc.), and in general, simply endless amounts of cell phone and tablet usage. A dead cell phone battery at an entertainment venue could potentially ruin someone’s entire experience.

Make It Easy For Attendees To Promote Your Events On Social Media

Social media has risen to become one of the single most important marketing tools for entertainment – for the entertainer, the venue, the attendees, and everyone involved. Guests want to post on social media about the event they’re at, venues want to promote brand awareness, bands want to promote songs, and everyone involved wants to promote their work. Each person who attends the event, whether working at the entertainment venue or attending as a guest, highly benefits from Cell Phone Charging Kiosks.

Perfect For Concert & Music Halls

goCharge has worked with Radio City Music Hall, Madison Square Garden and The Xfinity Arena to provide Cell Phone Charging Stations to their guests. A charged smart phone or tablet may be the single most important marketing tool of a concert or music hall. These days, the attitude is: “If it’s not on social media, it didn’t happen.” Attendees want to show their lives on social media and as a result, promote your venue. Giving concert goers full cell phone batteries exponentially increases the venue’s brand awareness. It also provides comfort to the attendees in knowing that they can easily communicate with friends or family who they might be meeting at the event. Food and restroom lines tend to get lengthy at concert and music halls, and a dead cell phone battery could become worrisome if someone is gone for longer than expected. Providing Cell Phone Charging Kiosks at music and concert halls is a necessary box to check off.

A Great Feature For Theaters

When someone attends a theater, it is for an extended period of time – usually a few hours. When the attendee is on their way, and if they happen to have a dead cell phone, it makes it difficult to meet someone who could be joining them. It also gives them a reason to decide to go home and watch a movie on-demand so they can charge their cell phone. The simple knowledge of knowing the theater has a charging power source will guarantee a ticket sale and keep your customers in the theater. The more power you give your customers, the more power you give yourself as a theater manager or owner. If the attendees can have peace of mind that their cell phone is charged and they are easily reachable, it provides for a better theater experience.

Keep The Party Going At Nightclubs

A festive party atmosphere, night clubs require Cell Phone Charging Stations because guests have the need for constant communication while they’re out having fun. A portion of the nightclub experience is to take photos with your friends, record videos of the DJ, and exchange phone numbers with strangers. Charging Stations are a strong marketing tool for every venue, particularly nightclubs since people dress up and feel good – which means they’re more likely to post on social media, and patrons will tend to spend more money at your business if they are happy and waiting for their mobile devices to charge. Enhance that experience by keeping your customers’ mobile devices alive so they can keep the party going longer.

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goCharge Mobile Charging Solutions can be found at many entertainment venues such as…

  • Amsterdam Billiard Club
  • Anheuser-Busch Tour Center
  • BB&T Pavilion
  • Blue Hills Pavilion
  • Cassi’s Comics
  • Coastal Credit Park
  • CustomerLoungeTV
  • Darien Performing Arts Center
  • Francis Ford Coppola Winery
  • Hollywood Casino Amphitheater
  • Isleta Amphitheater
  • Jiffy Lube Arena
  • Jones Beach
  • Metropolitan Pavilion
  • Mid Florida Amphitheater
  • Radio City Music Hall
  • Red Rocks Park Amphitheater
  • Sleep Train Amphitheater
  • Sin City Nightclub
  • Times Union Center
  • Quintetto Winery
  • Veteran’s United Amphitheater
  • Xfinity Center

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