Global Mobile Business Intelligence Market to Grow to $11.13 Billion

Mobile Business Intelligence On The Rise

Mobile Business Intelligence On The Rise

Business Intelligence is on the rise, and this new report by Research and Markets says the mobile Business Intelligence market size is expected to grow to $11.13 Billion by 2021. At $4.08 Billion in 2016, the market size’s major growth can be largely attributed to the transition of traditional Business Intelligence techniques to advanced Business Intelligence and analytics techniques.

It can also be attributed to the surge in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend across the globe, which is a rapidly growing policy that permits employees to bring their personal devices to the workplace (and are permitted to access privileged company information with those devices).

And with the rise in the Information Technology’s adaptation and strong usage of Business Intelligence, unique monitoring tools and applications are being developed and used to detect patterns of personal device use early to predict issues before they arise.

goCharge’s Canvass™ solution is a prime example of the adaption of the surge in Business Intelligence technology. goCharge created Canvass™ to make its industry leading charging stations even more valuable to venues and events. goCharge’s intelligent mobile charging stations offer an innovative method for business owners and venue hosts who wish to acquire hyper-local and real-time consumer insights about their customers. Collecting this customer information is crucial for measuring traffic, creating engagement, and turning visitors into qualified leads that can be contacted immediately. Your customers will be able to power a charging locker for their phone by texting a customized code that appears on each locker, which will send them a text message containing several customized survey questions, which are answered on the mobile device. After answering these questions, your customer simply places their phone in their selected locker and begins charging.

For more about goCharge’s Canvass solution, click here.

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