College Questionnaire: Cell Phone Charging Stations

Colleges and universities are a growing market for our business, and we’re interested to hear what students think about cell phone charging stations in universities and colleges! Whether it be in the library or at the gym, cell phone charging stations offer students an additional resource on campus that many colleges recognize as both a treat and a safety precaution. Your cell phone isn’t just a tool to check social media and game scores, but a way to communicate with professors, to contact authorities when in danger, to keep track of time during busy school days, and to call home to mom and dad. Charging stations also eliminate the need to bring chargers with you on campus during long days, or the annoyance associated with finding broken wires at the bottom of your bags.

Fill out our quick questionnaire about cell phone charging stations on college campuses. We would love to hear what you think! No need to worry college kids, this will be the easiest test of your life (we hope).

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