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So, you’ve heard about goCharge. You know that we’re the leading provider of mobile device charging stations to trade shows, universities, sports stadiums, music festivals and more. You also know that we have units available for sale or rent. What you might not know is the difference between our charging products and which charging solution might work best for you, right? No problem. We’re here to break down our selection of cell phone charging stations, one by one.

atlas cell phone charging station gocharge



As one of our most popular units, Atlas is a 5-foot tall, free-standing kiosk with ten easy-to-use lockers, built right in. These lockers, made to fit both phones and tablets, provide a safe place for users’ devices while they charge. Atlas offers an optional 28” HDTV attachment, which can display your marketing material. Additionally, Atlas looks beautiful when wrapped in branding, such as your company colors and logo. The best part? It’s portable. The Atlas features four lockable wheels for easy transport within your facility or venue.


zeus cell phone charging station gocharge


Want to attract visitors and keep them in one place? Zeus might be the option for you. Zeus is Atlas’ sister unit, sharing a nearly identical design. The difference? Zeus features a beautiful open-bay design, featuring 14 open smartphone bays and two open tablet bays. Great for trade shows and events, Zeus can cater to more customers at once and opens the door for discussion as they wait alongside their mobile device. Just like Atlas, Zeus offers an optional 28” HDTV attachment and is also portable via four lockable caster wheels.



orion cell phone charging station gocharge



We have dubbed Orion as our most versatile solution and if you are looking to “make-your-own” amongst our selection, Orion might be the choice for you. Available in free standing, tabletop or wall-mountable designs, Orion features single or dual shelf models. With a total of 12 or 24 charging cords, choose between open-bay shelves or locker-style…or a combination of both! Orion comes with the option of an 18.5” HD screen that allows for a static promotion. The unit is powered by a single AC outlet and is extremely portable at only 27” high.


powerplay cell phone charging station gocharge


Power Play 

Power Play is a unique charging solution that uses a permanent, but easily removable wall mount. Backlit and universally compatible, Power Play is intended to provide advertising space in a subtle design that can essentially fit anywhere.


charging tables cell phone charging station gocharge


Charging Tables

From restaurant and bar high-tops to food court dining and waiting rooms coffee tables, our “charging furniture” features some of our most popular stations.  Our durable and stylish tables all feature 4 charging bays that can accommodate any device. The open bay design allows device owners to charge while they use the phone or use the table. goCharge charging tables are a sure way to keep people in your establishment, while reinforcing your brand image with a fully customizable design.


eagle cell phone charging station gocharge



As one of the only outdoor phone chargers on the market, the Eagle is capable of servicing large crowds at once. Weatherproof and dual-sided featuring 48 charging lockers, the Eagle is available with solar panels or battery power, giving you a full 48 hours of unit battery life. If you’re looking to host an outdoor event, the choice is clear: grab an Eagle station.


falcon cell phone charging station gocharge



Sitting proudly at the top of our lineup, our Falcon station inherited its name as goCharge’s most powerful charging unit. The Falcon station is fully interactive an LCD touch screen for advertising and indicator lights built into the charging lockers. Collect email addresses, names and surveys in exchange for a charge, driving new signs ups and therefore, new customers! If you’re looking for a limitless charging solution, with powerful customization, look no further than the Falcon!


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