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goCharge At Outdoor Events: New Product Announcement

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goCharge at Bonnaroo and other festivals

goCharge at Bonnaroo and other festivals

Festival Season is fast approaching and goCharge is the biggest player in the high traffic outdoor event market. Pictured here at Bonnaroo is the goCharge Hi Top Table. goCharge has served many summer festivals, including South by Southwest, Coachella, Ultra Music Festival, The Governors Ball, The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Global Citizen Earth Day, and many more. And our new product, the Solar System Outdoor Charging Station, has never been more in demand.

This year, cut the cord and provide your attendees with a solar-powered charging station that can be placed anywhere cord-free. The Solar System is an all weather, vandal proof charging solution that can withstand up to 50 mph winds and moderate to severe rain. When the sun is shining, the system is completely powered by solar energy. When the sun goes down, the batteries become operational and at full usage, the Solar System will last up to 12 hours. Click here for more on the Solar System.

Did you know that goCharge’s charging stations feature a fully functional engagement platform capable of displaying any type of media and/or custom software? Display your latest commercial on one of high-definition kiosk displays or suggest users take a photo using the hashtag displayed on- screen. The possibilities are endless when it comes to visually interacting with “chargers” and potential customers.

Which outdoor events do you have your eye on this year? Work with goCharge to make it a better experience than ever before.

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5 Ways A Charging Station Can Make Your Trade Show Booth Pop!

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1. Engage and Captivate Your Audience

In 2013, the average attention span was eight seconds. A goldfish’s attention span is nine seconds.* Yikes! Capturing your attendees’ attention early is essential to expanding how much attention they spend in your booth. Stepping away from their phone is easy when it is plugged in and charging.

2. Show Off Your Brand

Branding builds incredible value for your company and gives attendees something they can remember. Without any differentiation between other companies, how will your attendees remember you? Flaunt your visual identity in a way that makes people recall your brand in the long run.

3. Give Attendees an Experience They Will Remember

Take advantage of the in-person, physical environment that is not available online. Attendees want to interact and understand the products your showcasing, so keep them off their phones and focused on your company. Charging stations make great icebreakers.

4. Crowds Attract Crowds

As a business owner, we understand you are looking to attract the right clients into your booth. Let yourself be found by becoming the talk of the event. Introduce yourself to everyone, and invite attendees to stay because you not only have a product or service they want, but also something they need to make it through the day, a free charge.

5. A Good Way to Start a Relationship is with a Favor

Asking for a favor is a sign of trust. It makes people comfortable and feel that you are looking out for their best interest, and you are! Nowadays, charging someone’s phone is a lifesaving event. When it comes to making an impression, often the smallest things can have the most impact.