Keeping Festival Goers Charged Up At Global Citizen Festival

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goCharge at Global Citizen Festival - cell phone charging stations

goCharge at Global Citizen Festival – cell phone charging stations

goCharge made a big splash at the Global Citizen Festival this weekend which took place in New York City’s iconic Central Park and featured artists Stevie Wonder, Pharrell Williams, and Alesia Cara. We know we had a blast, and judging from some of the quotes we got from festival goers, we’re happy to have kept everyone charged up and connected so they could have a blast, too!

Only some of the quotes from happy smart phone owners:

“We were so happy to find these amazing cell phone charging stations! These need to be everywhere.” — Alyssa A.

“Why don’t they have these on every street corner? With these awesome lockers, I know I can leave my phone safe and secure while charging!” — Derek N.

“My phone was about to die when my friend told me she had spotted cell phone charging stations. I charged up while drinking a beer waiting for the next performer to go on!” — Michael S.

It’s not goCharge’s first rodeo when it comes to music festivals and outdoor events. goCharge helps hundreds of thousands of people stay charged and connected to friends, loved ones, and family members at hundreds of events throughout the nation and the world. Being out doors should never mean being out of luck with your smartphone, and with the boom in cell phone charging stations, we’re lucky it is becoming a thing of the past!

Some more photos below:


goCharge at Global Citizen Festiival - mobile charging stations

goCharge at Global Citizen Festival – mobile charging stations

Charging Tables: Functional Furniture is The Future

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goCharge Charging Table

goCharge Charging Table

From suitcases with built in GPS’s to robot furniture, furniture that serves as just furniture is becoming a thing of the past. goCharge offers top class charging tables that serve as functional furniture: grab a beer with friends, socialize around the table (low, medium, or high), and charge your phone all at the same time. When you think about, you wonder, “why doesn’t every table have a charging port?!”

In 2012, MLB approached goCharge with a vision. Within a few short months, goCharge designed and deployed The MLB Table into 19 stadiums around the nation. Today, goCharge is operational in 27 of the 30 ballparks, a definite home-run! Learn more about Custom Charging Tables >>

The Hi-Top & The Coffee Table are the newest products released by goCharge. With all the success of the MLB Table, goCharge wanted to create a smaller table for use in restaurants, bars, universities, retail stores, company campuses, and lounging areas of all sorts. These round glass top tables with spill-proof edges also have several locations for branding and are built to last. Learn more >>


New in 2017: The Falcon Cell Phone Charging Station

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goCharge best cell phone charging station

goCharge best cell phone charging station

goCharge’s newest offering, The Falcon, is the most attractive and versatile charging station on the market. This free-standing cell phone charging kiosk features 10 lockers secured with solenoid lockers. The easy-to-use touch screen allow users to simply select their own personalized security code providing a safe and secure environment to leave devices while charging.

The Falcon is 5′ tall and comes with an optional 32” or 40” HD monitor which sits atop the kiosk, the perfect branding and advertising opportunity. It’s also portable — four lockable casters on the bottom of the unit make this kiosk easy to move.

Find out more about the Falcon here, or call us at 844-286-4870 and we’ll tell you all about its great pricing!

goCharge at South by Southwest

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2017’s South by Southwest was one of the best ones yet — and goCharge had the pleasure of keeping attendees charged up and connected throughout the festival. Watch the 2017 Keynotes, Red Carpet Premieres, and other highlights on the South by Southwest YouTube channel >>

goCharge was at Easy Tiger on 6th Street in Austin, TX during SXSW providing charging stations for US Bank and their guests. Get ready for SXSW 2018 — the dates have been announced!

goCharge at SXSW South by Southwest

goCharge at SXSW South by Southwest

goCharge at SXSW South by Southwest

goCharge at SXSW South by Southwest

goCharge at SXSW South by Southwest

goCharge at Ultra Music Festival

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Ultra Music Festival was a huge success this past weekend with headliners like Justice, Underworld, Ice Cube, and Major Lazer. Not only was the music a hit, but the festival earned its “Ultra – nice” nickname this year in particular because arrests and medical calls plummeted this year despite attracting 150,000 young dancers and partiers into the Miami area. Moreover, festival goers could always charge up their phones and stay connected thanks to goCharge and T-Mobile.

goCharge at the 2017 Ultra Music Festival in Miami

goCharge at the 2017 Ultra Music Festival in Miami

5 reasons outdoor music festivals need more cell phone charging stations

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goCharge HiTop at Bonnaroo

goCharge HiTop at Bonnaroo

One of the biggest obstacles music festivals face today is power supply. Even if it is an urban music festival (as opposed to the more common rural, out-in-the-middle-of-nowehere festival) finding outlets and ample power supplies for the endless amount of demand is always an issue. From lighting to instruments to electronic displays to food vendors, power supply, and lots of it, is vital at outdoor music festivals. You’ll find goCharge Cell Phone Charging Stations at most of the major music festivals around the country, such as Bonnaroo, Coachella, SxSW and Governor’s Ball.

Following are 5 reasons outdoor music festivals can increase their ROI and improve user experience by renting cell phone charging stations.

    1. Keep your festival goers happy and care-free by providing several charging stations in high traffic areas: in close proximity to stages, camping areas, dining areas, and bathrooms. The more festival goers are charging up at designated mobile device charging stations, the more power staff and bands have to use at their disposal.
    2. With goCharge’s new Solar System, you can be completely cord-free this year. The SolarSystem is powered entirely by the sun, allowing you to place it anywhere and everywhere. There are no location limitations with the SolarSystem — no long or dangerous cords to worry about, and you can save money on electricity costs.
Solar System by goCharge in use

Solar System by goCharge in use

  1. Cell phone charging stations are an important marketing tool for music festivals. Social media has a way of giving people access to your world without physically being there. The more fans, bands, and staff take photos and share them with the world, the more word gets out about your amazing event, the more sales you’ll have next year. Without power, there is no social media. Keep everyone charged up and having fun by providing cell phone charging stations.
  2. Avoid long lines for outlets, frustrating dead cellphone situations, and reduce your electricity costs by making sure you have ample mobile charging stations. goCharge’s locker cell phone charging stations allow people to leave their phones safely and securely while it charges up — no time is wasted. “It will only improve the whole experience,” says David Walke, CEO of goCharge. “Everybody wants to communicate with friends and family, take photos and videos, and post on social media. That’s all useless with a dead cell phone. Our Solar System is perfect for festivals since it’s powered completely by the sun.”
    goCharge HiTop in Use

    goCharge HiTop in Use

  3. Keep your attendees on the grounds. A dead cell phone is a great reason to back to your car to charge it. Most people prefer not to carry a bag during festivals – and if all outlets are unavailable, or they don’t have their chargers, attendees will have to make a long trek back where their car is parked. You lose their potential buying activity if they leave. If there are cell phone charging stations, they’ll charge up and continue to enjoy the festival.

The Orion: goCharge’s Most Versatile Cell Phone Charging Kiosk

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Fun and convenient, The Orion is a wall-mountable kiosk and is perhaps goCharge’s most versatile solution.

The Orion truly fits anywhere—there is no event or situation in which The Orion doesn’t work. It comes in both white and black finishes and can be custom wrapped for your brand or advertiser (did you know goCharge can handle all your advertising needs from end to end?).

It can be attached to any wall or placed on a tabletop or on an optional pedestal. The Orion can be rented or purchased with open-bay shelves (12 charging cords per shelf), locker shelves (4 lockers per shelf) or a combination of both. The unit also comes with a 19” HD screen.
User-friendly and easily transportable, the Orion can be used in almost any setting. Call us at 844-286-4870 today.


goCharge At Outdoor Events: New Product Announcement

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goCharge at Bonnaroo and other festivals

goCharge at Bonnaroo and other festivals

Festival Season is fast approaching and goCharge is the biggest player in the high traffic outdoor event market. Pictured here at Bonnaroo is the goCharge Hi Top Table. goCharge has served many summer festivals, including South by Southwest, Coachella, Ultra Music Festival, The Governors Ball, The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Global Citizen Earth Day, and many more. And our new product, the Solar System Outdoor Charging Station, has never been more in demand.

This year, cut the cord and provide your attendees with a solar-powered charging station that can be placed anywhere cord-free. The Solar System is an all weather, vandal proof charging solution that can withstand up to 50 mph winds and moderate to severe rain. When the sun is shining, the system is completely powered by solar energy. When the sun goes down, the batteries become operational and at full usage, the Solar System will last up to 12 hours. Click here for more on the Solar System.

Did you know that goCharge’s charging stations feature a fully functional engagement platform capable of displaying any type of media and/or custom software? Display your latest commercial on one of high-definition kiosk displays or suggest users take a photo using the hashtag displayed on- screen. The possibilities are endless when it comes to visually interacting with “chargers” and potential customers.

Which outdoor events do you have your eye on this year? Work with goCharge to make it a better experience than ever before.

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