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Why It’s Critical To Have Your Cell Phone Charged After An Event or Concert

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You’ve been waiting for Bruce Springsteen to come to your city or town forever. The concert is finally tonight.

You’ve been gearing up to exhibit or attend the best trade show or conference of the year — the one you look forward to for business and/or person growth. The event is finally today.

Whether you’re heading to your event with your phone fully charged or you didn’t have time to get that battery looking nice and green, having a charged phone at all events is no longer a “nice to have”. It’s a “need to have”. And more importantly, it’s crucial to have your phone charged after the event. After you’ve just spent hours taking photos, videos, uploading to social media, texting, checking email, and more, it’s likely that your phone’s battery will be drained.

But how will you get home after the event? You can’t use Uber or Lyft with a dead phone. That’s where goCharge comes in.

We’ve been providing stadiums, concert venues, trade shows and conferences charging solutions for many years. As the leading company in the industry, the nation looks to goCharge for all charging solutions to fit any budget, need, style and schedule.

Contact us today to find out more or just say hi: 844-286-4870.


Some of goCharge’s Best Events This Summer

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goCharge had a busy summer attending many events, conferences, sports games, and more. At all of them, we helped people stay charged up and connected with friends and loved ones.


Music Festival: Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival @ Jones Beach Ampitheater


U.S. Bank Stadium — Minnesota Vikings. Fantastic partnerships!


US Open Tennis — Players Lounge


Custom branded charging tables in the BUD LIGHT Roof Top area at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. 

Keeping Festival Goers Charged Up At Global Citizen Festival

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goCharge at Global Citizen Festival - cell phone charging stations

goCharge at Global Citizen Festival – cell phone charging stations

goCharge made a big splash at the Global Citizen Festival this weekend which took place in New York City’s iconic Central Park and featured artists Stevie Wonder, Pharrell Williams, and Alesia Cara. We know we had a blast, and judging from some of the quotes we got from festival goers, we’re happy to have kept everyone charged up and connected so they could have a blast, too!

Only some of the quotes from happy smart phone owners:

“We were so happy to find these amazing cell phone charging stations! These need to be everywhere.” — Alyssa A.

“Why don’t they have these on every street corner? With these awesome lockers, I know I can leave my phone safe and secure while charging!” — Derek N.

“My phone was about to die when my friend told me she had spotted cell phone charging stations. I charged up while drinking a beer waiting for the next performer to go on!” — Michael S.

It’s not goCharge’s first rodeo when it comes to music festivals and outdoor events. goCharge helps hundreds of thousands of people stay charged and connected to friends, loved ones, and family members at hundreds of events throughout the nation and the world. Being out doors should never mean being out of luck with your smartphone, and with the boom in cell phone charging stations, we’re lucky it is becoming a thing of the past!

Some more photos below:


goCharge at Global Citizen Festiival - mobile charging stations

goCharge at Global Citizen Festival – mobile charging stations

5 tips to keep your mobile device battery charged for longer

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Whether it be a natural disaster, work meetings, or family outings, mobile device batteries surely don’t last forever. Our priority at goCharge is to help keep people connected by charging up — so we came up with a list of tips and tricks to keep your battery charged up as long as possible.

How to keep your mobile device battery charged for longer

How to keep your mobile device battery charged for longer

Turn off Bluetooth and Wifi

Even when Bluetooth and Wifi are not linked to any sources, they will constantly search for sources to which they can join.

Don’t let it get too hot or cold

Keeping your phone room temperature is vital for battery life — avoid leaving it in the car, outside, and don’t leave it in the fridge by accident (we’ve all been guilty of that mistake). Stay away from extreme temperatures, this can cause permanent damage.

Dim the screen brightness // use auto brightness

The brightness on your screen is directly related to battery drainage. Think about it: if you have a dimmer in your lights at home, the brighter your lights are, the higher your electricity bill is. That’s because the light consumes energy. Bringing this concept back to a cell phone battery: Bright screen –> More energy –> More battery usage.

Turn off location services, GPS

Even when the app isn’t in use, or isn’t running at all, it is still *quietly* draining your battery. Just because you’re not active on Google Maps or Waze doesn’t mean they’re not tracking you, preparing for that second you need their services. Change the settings of your phone to turn off location services.

Turn off push email

It’s less convenient, but will save a huge amount of battery life. Manually checking your mail is not only good for your battery, it’s good for your mental health. You choose when to check in, rather than that red 1 notification checking in on you in the middle of dinner. Regardless of how you choose to check your mail, when you’re in a situation where you really need to save battery, turn off everything “push”.

Soaking in the Last of Summer at Amusement Parks and Family Destinations, and Keeping a Charged Cell Phone Battery

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As the end of August rolls around, our hearts grow heavy as Labor Day Weekend draws nearer and summer comes to a close. So, make the most of your last few days of hot, sunny days at your local amusement parks, zoos, or water parks — and make sure you have a charged cell phone battery the whole day by looking for cell phone charging stations by goCharge.

Amusement parks and a charged cell phone battery

Amusement parks and a charged cell phone battery

Planning for a weekend of fun rides, delicious food, and family time is exciting; but one can never plan for losing something (cell phone battery) or someone (a family member, young or old). These last summer days, everything is crowded, and no matter how closely you watch, anything can slip out of your site. It’s critical to have a charged cell phone battery at venues that draw thousands of people so you can have an immediate reaction if something goes wrong.

You can never be too prepared, and that’s why goCharge is proud to be present at hundreds of outdoor and indoor venues across the nation.

The Top Tech for Summer 2017

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Top Tech for Summer 2017

Top Tech for Summer 2017 – Flicks Mobile Cordless Boombox Projector (280WH)

It’s summer. This means hot days, hot nights, and hot tech. This list of cool gadgets will keep you on trend and serve you in ways you never knew you could be served. Read below and let us know which one is your favorite!

Flicks Mobile Cordless Boombox Projector (280WH)

What’s a boombox projector? Exactly how it sounds—and this one is an all-in-one cordless projector with a dynamic range of sound. This handy device allows you to take the romance and nostalgia of a summer drive-in movie with you wherever you go. The quality of the picture is impressive: 720p HD and it features two custom-designed neodymium drivers for amazing sound quality.

The Sinji Panoramic Smart WiFi Camera

No longer are the days of low-resolution security video footage. Now, you can stream your entire home on your mobile device in a clear 960p, night vision included. Zoom, rotate, and get push notifications for unusual activity, even talk through the device to people within your home—it has two way audio communication. You’ve officially got control over your home’s security.

The reMarkable Tablet by E Ink

We all know physical paper is on the outs. But on its way in is this digital notepad that may as well be paper itself—the screen clones an actual piece of paper with extremely high latency. While the feeling of the stylus against the screen isn’t identical to pen on paper, it feels nice and smooth, and the screen captures what you’re drawing instantly. The tablet comes with a suite of tools to save your work and view them on a desktop or mobile. Remember: it prides itself on not being a tablet. It is a smart notebook made specifically for sketching and drawing, and it’s the best on the market right now.

Bluesmart Suitcase with GPS

Yes, this suitcase will never get lost. Its built-in GPS allows you to follow it wherever it goes, so when that dreaded moment comes where everyone at the baggage claim carousel is gone except you, you’ll whip out your smartphone and find your luggage.Its built in scale ensures you’ll never get charged extra weight baggage fees and its digital locks keeps it secure. You’ll also never run out of battery on your smartphone as long as this suitcase is with you, because its USB port charges your phone up to six times.


6 reasons why it’s better to rent a cell phone charging station vs. buying

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goCharge cell phone charging station - renting

goCharge cell phone charging station – renting

Need the perfect way to engage your customers or event attendees with something they really value? Looking for a unique, exciting marketing opportunity to offer sponsors? Renting a goCharge cell phone charging station is the best way to increase your ROI and attract, engage, and retain your customers.

goCharge cell phone charging station - renting

goCharge cell phone charging station – renting

We rent more charging stations to more venues and events than any other company in the industry. Our commitment to outstanding customer service keeps our clients coming back for more.

1. Delight Attendees and Keep Them Engaged
Cell phone charging stations are the perfect solution to delight, engage, and entertain attendees; giving them another reason to stay at your event rather than leave to charge their cell phones.

2. Increased ROI for Show Organizers and Agencies
Charging Stations are the perfect marketing tool for sponsors to generate brand awareness, customer engagement, booth traffic and consumer data capture.

3. Custom Branding
We’ll wrap your station with your own custom branding, and we can even help design the artwork templates if needed.

4. No Maintenance, Less Hassle
We test all charging stations before shipping to ensure they’re working perfectly when it arrives at your event.

5. Door-to-Door Shipping and Five-Star White Glove Service
Your charging stations can be delivered directly to your booth, or any location you specify, on the day and time that you need. We offer 5-star white glove service to make sure you enjoy your charging station without lifting a finger.

6. Lightening-Fast Turnaround, Whenever you Need it, At an Affordable Price
Need it in a rush? No problem, we can meet very tight turnaround times. Our low rental prices make it cost efficient.

Don’t miss goCharge at these upcoming music festivals!

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goCharge at music festival

goCharge at music festival

goCharge is excited to announce that we’ll be participating in the following upcoming music festivals to keep all attendees charged up and connected. We’ve got a busy summer ahead!

Boston Calling – Memorial Day Weekend

From May 26-28, festival goers will see music on three main stages featuring artists such as: Chicago hip-hop artist Chance the Rapper, Icelandic experimental rockers Sigur Ros, indie pop duo Sylvan Esso, lo-fi rock band Car Seat Headrest, electronic music trio Major Lazer, and of course, the legends Weezer.

Governors Ball – June 2-4

This summer in New York City is going to be a hot one – but no NYC summer is properly kicked off without Governor’s Ball Music Festival at Randall’s Island Park. Chance the Rapper heads from Boston Calling to NYC to headline Gov Ball, alongside Lorde, Flume, Beach House, Phoenix, Childish Gambino, and more. See you there!

Bonnaroo – June 8-11

In Manchester, Tennessee, festival goers will have a ball all weekend at one of the most famous music festivals nationwide; and goCharge will be right by their side! Attendees will be dancing to U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Weeknd, Chance the Rapper (he’s on fire!), Major Lazer (so are they!), Flume, and more.

See you there!

goCharge at Rolling Loud Music Festival Was A Huge Hit

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goCharge at Rolling Loud Music Festival in Miami Florida

goCharge at Rolling Loud Music Festival in Miami Florida

After a fun and wild weekend in Miami, FL at Rolling Loud Music Festival, the media is discussing some epic events that occurred at this increasingly popular rap and hip hop music festival that continuously sells out.

goCharge is proud to keep all attendees connected at this three-day event to make sure fans’ smartphones and mobile devices can stay charged up, in communication, and posting on social media.

CBS reports that security and safety were a priority for this festival, which demands a constant power source so security personnel, staff, and festival goers never worry about a dead mobil device. From water stations, to food tables, to goCharge’s charging stationed positioned throughout the grounds, this festival took safety seriously. The festival had 1.3 million dollars’ worth of police, fire marshal’s and security, according to CBS.

We’re excited to have been a part of such a successful event and we’re looking forward to participating in years to come!