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Why 2017 is the year for charging stations at all events

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goCharge cell phone charging stations

goCharge cell phone charging stations

Demand for cell phone charging stations is booming. goCharge charging station rentals are that perfect tool to draw your guests to your desired attraction — whether it’s a booth, display, activation, or offering. Give your guests the opportunity to enjoy your event or venue without worrying about losing power on their mobile devices. Better yet, our charging station rentals are free for your customers, which greatly improves their overall experience. Keeping your guests charged and care-free encourages your guests to spend their time learning and experiencing everything your event has to offer instead of stressing about a low battery. They’ll post on social media, share with friends and family, and talk about your event for days to come.


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goCharge at South by Southwest

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2017’s South by Southwest was one of the best ones yet — and goCharge had the pleasure of keeping attendees charged up and connected throughout the festival. Watch the 2017 Keynotes, Red Carpet Premieres, and other highlights on the South by Southwest YouTube channel >>

goCharge was at Easy Tiger on 6th Street in Austin, TX during SXSW providing charging stations for US Bank and their guests. Get ready for SXSW 2018 — the dates have been announced!

goCharge at SXSW South by Southwest

goCharge at SXSW South by Southwest

goCharge at SXSW South by Southwest

goCharge at SXSW South by Southwest

goCharge at SXSW South by Southwest

goCharge at Ultra Music Festival

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Ultra Music Festival was a huge success this past weekend with headliners like Justice, Underworld, Ice Cube, and Major Lazer. Not only was the music a hit, but the festival earned its “Ultra – nice” nickname this year in particular because arrests and medical calls plummeted this year despite attracting 150,000 young dancers and partiers into the Miami area. Moreover, festival goers could always charge up their phones and stay connected thanks to goCharge and T-Mobile.

goCharge at the 2017 Ultra Music Festival in Miami

goCharge at the 2017 Ultra Music Festival in Miami

Baseball season begins on April 2 with 3 games!

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Major League Baseball and goCharge Cell phone Charging Stations

Major League Baseball and goCharge Cell phone Charging Stations

Baseball season is fast approaching! On Sunday, April 2, the 2017 Major League Baseball regular season will arrive. goCharge is thrilled to provide cell phone charging stations to 27 of the 30 MLB stadiums across the nation. Charge up on us this baseball season!

goCharge is the largest provider for sports stadiums — we were featured in Sport Techie as a provider of Cell Phone Charging Stations to the Cleveland Cavaliers and Indiana Pacers NFL teams. goCharge’s HiTop Charging Tables and Kiosks with lockers help NFL fans stay connected to friends and family, as well as ensuring their phones are fully charged to snap pictures and take videos to post on their favorite social media sites.

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Top 5 Apps That Drain Your Cell Phone Battery

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You forgot to charge your phone overnight. You’ve been out all day without a charger. You’ve been playing on your apps for too long. There are many reasons why your phone battery dies quickly, and there are many ways to save your battery so you can stay connected and stress-free throughout the day. Whether you’re in an emergency or simply hate seeing “the red”, we rounded up the top 5 apps that are killing your phone battery. Study up and proceed with caution.

1. Snapchat
We all know how much fun Snapchat is — it quickly becomes part of our daily routine. However, this fun app is the number one killer of cell phone batteries. Major memory usage is drained as well with Snapchat. Be careful: Just because the photo is erased from the app after 24 hours doesn’t mean the app isn’t consuming most of your internal storage. The constant check ins, streaming, messaging, photo and video creation, and networking drains batteries very quickly.

2. Google Maps
It is one of the most useful apps and can truly save your day, but in doing so, it can also make your day take a turn for the worse by killing your battery. Google Maps follows you around wherever you go (for better or worse) which uses a lot of battery. Even when you’re traveling and your phone is on airplane mode, that little blue Google Maps dot still follows you. Most of the time it’s super helpful to find your way, but once your battery is dead, you’re officially lost.

3. Netflix
Netflix is one of those apps we can’t live without. Whether you’re commuting, lounging around, waiting for an appointment, or just bored at wor, Netflix fills the void of wasted time. However, we recommend that if you’re not near a cell phone charging station, you should stay away from Netflix until you’re safely near a power source. This app is one of the most dangerous for consuming battery (and data!) since it is constantly streaming.

4. Facebook / Messenger
Facebook and its subsidiary app Facebook Messenger can drain your battery very quickly. We all like to check in on Facebook, and with Messenger, you can quickly send messages to your friends and check out their day (Messenger’s version of SnapChat). But beware that after even as much as 10 minutes of social netowrking, your battery could be drained up to 20%.

5. Amazon Shopping
Amazon’s app has made it so easy to sign on and buy what you need, that it could be considered dangerous not only for your cell phone battery, but also for your wallet. Searching products, comparing prices, adding things to your cart — they all seem like normal, harmless processes. However, these simple tasks add up and next thing you know you can’t buy your favorite Harry Potter wand because your cell phone is dead.

5 reasons outdoor music festivals need more cell phone charging stations

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goCharge HiTop at Bonnaroo

goCharge HiTop at Bonnaroo

One of the biggest obstacles music festivals face today is power supply. Even if it is an urban music festival (as opposed to the more common rural, out-in-the-middle-of-nowehere festival) finding outlets and ample power supplies for the endless amount of demand is always an issue. From lighting to instruments to electronic displays to food vendors, power supply, and lots of it, is vital at outdoor music festivals. You’ll find goCharge Cell Phone Charging Stations at most of the major music festivals around the country, such as Bonnaroo, Coachella, SxSW and Governor’s Ball.

Following are 5 reasons outdoor music festivals can increase their ROI and improve user experience by renting cell phone charging stations.

    1. Keep your festival goers happy and care-free by providing several charging stations in high traffic areas: in close proximity to stages, camping areas, dining areas, and bathrooms. The more festival goers are charging up at designated mobile device charging stations, the more power staff and bands have to use at their disposal.
    2. With goCharge’s new Solar System, you can be completely cord-free this year. The SolarSystem is powered entirely by the sun, allowing you to place it anywhere and everywhere. There are no location limitations with the SolarSystem — no long or dangerous cords to worry about, and you can save money on electricity costs.
Solar System by goCharge in use

Solar System by goCharge in use

  1. Cell phone charging stations are an important marketing tool for music festivals. Social media has a way of giving people access to your world without physically being there. The more fans, bands, and staff take photos and share them with the world, the more word gets out about your amazing event, the more sales you’ll have next year. Without power, there is no social media. Keep everyone charged up and having fun by providing cell phone charging stations.
  2. Avoid long lines for outlets, frustrating dead cellphone situations, and reduce your electricity costs by making sure you have ample mobile charging stations. goCharge’s locker cell phone charging stations allow people to leave their phones safely and securely while it charges up — no time is wasted. “It will only improve the whole experience,” says David Walke, CEO of goCharge. “Everybody wants to communicate with friends and family, take photos and videos, and post on social media. That’s all useless with a dead cell phone. Our Solar System is perfect for festivals since it’s powered completely by the sun.”
    goCharge HiTop in Use

    goCharge HiTop in Use

  3. Keep your attendees on the grounds. A dead cell phone is a great reason to back to your car to charge it. Most people prefer not to carry a bag during festivals – and if all outlets are unavailable, or they don’t have their chargers, attendees will have to make a long trek back where their car is parked. You lose their potential buying activity if they leave. If there are cell phone charging stations, they’ll charge up and continue to enjoy the festival.

A Viennese Cafe Bills €1 For Charging Phones or Tablets

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Cafe charges customers extra to charge their cell phones

Cafe charges customers extra to charge their cell phones

Charging up is no joke anymore. In Vienna, Austria, people are apparently using so much electricity to charge cell phones or tablet that certain establishments simply can’t afford it any longer. And, what’s more? The famous Hundertwasserhaus in the 3rd district is billing their customers after the fact, without telling them in advance that they’ll have to pay for charging.

One customer was so riled up she posted on Facebook about it — specifically, a photo of her bill that includes the “electricity” charge from the cafe. The manager of the cafe stated that if a customer uses an outlet for more than 2 hours, then he’ll add one Euro to their bill.

Legally, an establishment like this can charge extra for use of electricity. Legalities aside, however, is it truly ethical? How often do you charge your devices in cafes or public establishments? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Newsday’s David Schwartz Explains How goCharge’s ‘Atlas’ Cell Phone Charging Machine Works

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goCharge Atlas Charging Machine for United Airlines

goCharge Atlas Charging Machine

“The system works like this: Those in need of a cellphone charge open one of the lockers by entering a four-digit code that they make up. After plugging the phone in, the user locks the door. It is opened later with the user’s code.” -David Schwartz, Newsday

This free-standing kiosk is a new addition to the goCharge fleet and has quickly become one of our more popular units for both purchases and rentals. It’s a sleek, versatile kiosk complete with ten (10) lockers (8 for phones and 2 for phones or tablets). The easy-to-use lockers provide a safe and secure environment for your device while it’s charging.
The 5’ tall Atlas looks beautiful wrapped in branding and comes with an optional 28” or 42″ HD monitor which sits atop the kiosk. Four lockable casters on the bottom of the unit make this 150 lb. kiosk easy to move.

5 Ways To Keep Your Cell Phone Charged for the Next Snow Storm

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How to save your cell phone battery

How to save your cell phone battery

Whether you trudged through the streets to get to work or didn’t leave your sweatpants all day, the one thing everyone needs during a New York City snowstorm is a charged cell phone battery. Even if you have your charger with you, a snow storm could most certainly mean a power outage—which is why you should follow these tips to have your phone battery lasting as long as possible.

Turn Off Wifi or Data

You may not be aware, but Bluetooth and Wifi are power eaters—and they run in the background all day, using your phone battery for no reason if you’re not actively using those specific features. Your phone’s software searches far and wide to pick up any Wifi signals it can get, at all times. The mere act of searching takes a lot of power. However, this tactic is only recommended if you have strong LTE and Data signals. If not, your phone will try to switch between whichever signal is stronger, which uses tons of battery. So pick one over the other and choose whichever one is solid and strong.

Disable Push Notifications

Apart from emergencies, there is no need to have push notifications if you’re trying to conserve battery life. Here’s where to start: email, apps, alarms, reminders. (Also switch from push to fetch or manual for your email.) Think of it this way—when you’re not using your phone, it goes into a light sleep, using very little battery. Every push notification jolts it awake, using a bit of battery every time. If you have 5-6 push notifications per hour, this will significantly use up your battery. Turning them off will allow your phone continue in its light sleep mode, and let’s admit it—it would be nice to have less interruptions throughout your day.

Limit Screen Usage

Did you know the screen is the single most power-using part of your smartphone? Think about it: it’s the one thing that gets used every single time we use our phones. The simplest solution? Limit your phone usage. Especially in a snowstorm, where battery life is vital, try to curb your Facebook or Netflix addiction and replace it with the old-fashioned entertainment like a book or crossword puzzle. Another option is turning the brightness down or shortening the delay until your screen turns off when you’re done using it. Here’s how on an iPhone: Settings–>General–>Auto-Lock. For an Android: Settings–>Display–>Sleep.

Stop Streaming

Movies, TV shows, and more frequently these days—music. Spotify, Pandora, iTunes Radio, they all eat up tons of battery. If you have music saved directly onto your phone, listen to that instead. If you have a computer nearby whose battery you’re not worried about, listen  to these streaming Apps on there instead of your phone. Streaming requires constant Data and Wifi, which as explained above, will use a lot of battery. Services like Pandora or Apple Music allow you to download music directly to your phone (for a premium, of course) but this means you can also listen on Airplane mode (during flights) or underground on the subway when there is no signal.

Airplane Mode or Low Power Mode

When you’re on the last leg, it’s time to take extreme action. This is the time when you simply have no other choice than to use Airplane Mode or at least Low Power Mode. Both iOS and Android phones include an Airplane Mode feature which disables Wi-Fi, Cellular Data, and Bluetooth. Of course, as the name suggests, it is meant for travel—to prevent cellular signals from interfering with airline communication, and for those times when you’re outside of the country and don’t want to be charged an arm and a leg in data fees. Turns out, it’s also useful for when you’re inside the country and running low on battery. On Airplane mode, your phone uses very little battery even with regular usage. But we suggest always limiting your smartphone usage when you’re in a battery pinch.