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Keeping Festival Goers Charged Up At Global Citizen Festival

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goCharge at Global Citizen Festival - cell phone charging stations

goCharge at Global Citizen Festival – cell phone charging stations

goCharge made a big splash at the Global Citizen Festival this weekend which took place in New York City’s iconic Central Park and featured artists Stevie Wonder, Pharrell Williams, and Alesia Cara. We know we had a blast, and judging from some of the quotes we got from festival goers, we’re happy to have kept everyone charged up and connected so they could have a blast, too!

Only some of the quotes from happy smart phone owners:

“We were so happy to find these amazing cell phone charging stations! These need to be everywhere.” — Alyssa A.

“Why don’t they have these on every street corner? With these awesome lockers, I know I can leave my phone safe and secure while charging!” — Derek N.

“My phone was about to die when my friend told me she had spotted cell phone charging stations. I charged up while drinking a beer waiting for the next performer to go on!” — Michael S.

It’s not goCharge’s first rodeo when it comes to music festivals and outdoor events. goCharge helps hundreds of thousands of people stay charged and connected to friends, loved ones, and family members at hundreds of events throughout the nation and the world. Being out doors should never mean being out of luck with your smartphone, and with the boom in cell phone charging stations, we’re lucky it is becoming a thing of the past!

Some more photos below:


goCharge at Global Citizen Festiival - mobile charging stations

goCharge at Global Citizen Festival – mobile charging stations

goCharge Aids in Hurricane Irma Support in Partnership With Chase by Providing Mobile Device Charging Stations to Local Communities

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goCharge partners with Chase to rollout 30 cell phone charging stations in Floria for Hurricane Irma relief

goCharge partners with Chase to rollout 30 cell phone charging stations in Floria for Hurricane Irma relief

goCharge is proud to have teamed up with Chase in a partnership rollout to provide power to the communities affected by Hurricane Irma by placing cell phone charging stations throughout Florida.

All citizens and those in need of power may use these 30 mobile device charging stations for free to ensure they are able to charge up and stay connected to family and loved ones. goCharge charging stations provide multiple, easy-to-use lockers for a safe and secure environment for cell phones and tablets while they’re charging.

goCharge has been providing its Charging Station solutions to JP Morgan Chase since 2011, primarily for external conferences and external experiential events across the country. This is their first time placing the Stations in actual Chase branches. “Our customers are our number one priority,” said David Walke, CEO of goCharge. “Chase wants to make sure everyone is safe, charged up and able to communicate with family, friends, and others. Our mobile device charging stations provide a safe haven for Florida citizens, and on behalf of Chase, we’re happy to work with Chase to touch the lives of so many.”

Florida cities where the charging stations are located: Cocoa, Hialeah, Jacksonville, Lake Worth, Miami, Miami Beach, Naples, North Port, Orlando, Oviedo, Pembroke Pines, Plantation, Port Charlotte, Port St. Lucie, Tampa, Zephyrhills, Tarpon Springs, Clearwater, Largo, Ocoee, Delray Beach, Pinellas Park.

goCharge is well-known for its high-quality customer service which was a priority for Chase when selecting a partner. goCharge will be on high alert throughout the next few days and weeks as thousands of beleaguered citizens find relief and power through mobile device charging stations.

5 tips to keep your mobile device battery charged for longer

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Whether it be a natural disaster, work meetings, or family outings, mobile device batteries surely don’t last forever. Our priority at goCharge is to help keep people connected by charging up — so we came up with a list of tips and tricks to keep your battery charged up as long as possible.

How to keep your mobile device battery charged for longer

How to keep your mobile device battery charged for longer

Turn off Bluetooth and Wifi

Even when Bluetooth and Wifi are not linked to any sources, they will constantly search for sources to which they can join.

Don’t let it get too hot or cold

Keeping your phone room temperature is vital for battery life — avoid leaving it in the car, outside, and don’t leave it in the fridge by accident (we’ve all been guilty of that mistake). Stay away from extreme temperatures, this can cause permanent damage.

Dim the screen brightness // use auto brightness

The brightness on your screen is directly related to battery drainage. Think about it: if you have a dimmer in your lights at home, the brighter your lights are, the higher your electricity bill is. That’s because the light consumes energy. Bringing this concept back to a cell phone battery: Bright screen –> More energy –> More battery usage.

Turn off location services, GPS

Even when the app isn’t in use, or isn’t running at all, it is still *quietly* draining your battery. Just because you’re not active on Google Maps or Waze doesn’t mean they’re not tracking you, preparing for that second you need their services. Change the settings of your phone to turn off location services.

Turn off push email

It’s less convenient, but will save a huge amount of battery life. Manually checking your mail is not only good for your battery, it’s good for your mental health. You choose when to check in, rather than that red 1 notification checking in on you in the middle of dinner. Regardless of how you choose to check your mail, when you’re in a situation where you really need to save battery, turn off everything “push”.

4 Ways Schools Benefit from Cell Phone Charging Stations

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goCharge at school universities and libraries - cell phone cahrging station

goCharge at school universities and libraries

It’s back-to-school-time! goCharge has been super busy deploying hundreds of cell phone charging stations in and around university campuses, libraries, student unions, and high schools. Our list of facilities grows every year, and we’re more inspired than ever by the commitment of School/Administration to provide the vital need of cell phone charging stations to its students. See below for a list of 4 ways schools and universities can benefit from cell phone charging stations.

      1. Keep your students safer
        No student should ever feel alone or afraid on campus, especially without a charged cell phone battery. Students tend to leave their chargers at home when they go out at night, or even during the day as well due to back to back schedules and lack of outlets in classrooms, which leaves their cell phone batteries depleting with each passing hour. Whether at night or during the day, there should be cell phone charging as far as the eye can see so students can charge up, feel secure, and move on with their day knowing they can communicate with anyone at a moment’s notice.
      2. Increase student life quality
        With Canvass™ by goCharge, School/Administration can learn valuable insight on their student body by implementing this innovative data gathering platform that comes with goCharge charging stations. Designed specifically to capture real-time, hyper-local insights about consumers, schools can incentivize their students using this customized engagement platform that utilizes surveys, sweepstakes/ instant win/ mobile coupons, and more. Want to know where they shop? What is their favorite food? What books they’re reading? Easy! Find out with Canvass™.
      3. Better communication, better school experience
        A vital aspect of student life is communication — not only with each other, but with teachers, professors, faculty, student groups, and more. If there are class updates or schedule changes, or a group study location change, or an update on an exam, students need to use their smartphones to check in and communicate on demand.
      4. Improve library functionality
        As one of the most populated buildings on campus, it’s no surprise libraries can get filled up — particularly during exam week. Many school struggle to keep up with the power outlet demand that is needed by students. Cell phone charging stations are the remedy to the outlet issue. Libraries can offer a variety of different “outlet hubs” (charging stations) around the facility — and since goCharge charging stations come with secure lockers, students may leave their phones in the lockers, charging, while they do research, meet with a group, or catch up on reading. No longer are the days of students hovering over each other to reach an outlet, or crowding a space with lines to charge up next — cell phone charging stations relieve traffic flow and stress in libraries.

The list goes on—there are dozens of reasons why students, universities, and libraries need charging stations, now. These 4 reasons sum up some of the major ways in which a student’s life is vastly improved with cell phone charging stations.

Soaking in the Last of Summer at Amusement Parks and Family Destinations, and Keeping a Charged Cell Phone Battery

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As the end of August rolls around, our hearts grow heavy as Labor Day Weekend draws nearer and summer comes to a close. So, make the most of your last few days of hot, sunny days at your local amusement parks, zoos, or water parks — and make sure you have a charged cell phone battery the whole day by looking for cell phone charging stations by goCharge.

Amusement parks and a charged cell phone battery

Amusement parks and a charged cell phone battery

Planning for a weekend of fun rides, delicious food, and family time is exciting; but one can never plan for losing something (cell phone battery) or someone (a family member, young or old). These last summer days, everything is crowded, and no matter how closely you watch, anything can slip out of your site. It’s critical to have a charged cell phone battery at venues that draw thousands of people so you can have an immediate reaction if something goes wrong.

You can never be too prepared, and that’s why goCharge is proud to be present at hundreds of outdoor and indoor venues across the nation.

The SolarSystem by goCharge Featured at DXC Event in California

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goCharge was out in California this past weekend attending events and spreading the word about all our cell phone charging stations, including the Solar System, featured below. Perfect for events and occasions where an outlet or plug is not conveniently located, the SolarSystem is vandal proof, ready to brace all weather.

The system is completely powered by solar energy — the SolarSystem will last up to 12 hours. Learn more here >>

goCharge The Solar System in California

goCharge The Solar System in California

5 reasons trade shows, conferences, and events need more cell phone charging stations

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goCharge Charging Tables (Custom Design) at a convention

goCharge Charging Tables (Custom Design) at a convention

The perfect way to keep attendees inside the show or bring them to your booth, goCharge’s cell phone charging kiosks are essential at Trade Shows, Conferences, and Conventions because they offer a unique and exceptional sponsorship opportunity. Let’s go through the top five ways goCharge’s cell phone charging stations can improve your next event.

1. Offer a unique space for sponsors. Cell phone charging kiosks are one of the most innovative and popular opportunities for sponsor advertising and branding. Consumers will wait as long as necessary until their phone is charged — resulting in more dwell time and a longer opportunity to engage with them.

2. Use the cell phone charging station as a magnet for your vendor booths. Looking for a universal offering everyone can use to grab attendees’ attention? Many mobile devices will be drained of batteries at trade shows due to long days and few outlets. Offering a free charge for everyone’s cell phones and tablets is the perfect way to attract attendees to your booth.

3. Use cell phone charging stations to CHARGE up your brand activation. Get the most out of all cell phone charging stations can offer by getting creative (and goCharge loves to help with that). We build and design custom charging stations so your target audience can use the charging stations in ways that go beyond just charging their phone. A great example: MLB Advanced Media approached goCharge with a vision of custom cell phone charging stations at MLB stadiums across the nation. Within a few short months, goCharge designed and deployed The MLB Table which can now be found in 27 of the 30 ballparks.

4. Help attendees help you promote your show. “If it’s not on social media, it didn’t happen.” It’s a saying that rings true these days, and we all know that posting on social media is impossible with a low or dead cell phone battery. Keep your attendees satisfied and charged up—and boost your event’s user generated content—by providing ample cell phone charging stations throughout the space.

5. Lock in brand partnerships for next year. Each year, lock in more recurring partnerships and sponsorships by winning over your advertisers and clients with great results. Cell phone charging stations are multi functional and yield outstanding benefits and engagement results, which increases your chance or long-standing partnerships for years to come.

Hospital Customer Charges Up While Waiting for Loved One

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Earlier this week, an elated Carnegie Hill Endoscopy customer wrote to goCharge to tell us how grateful she was for the cell phone charging he used while waiting for a loved one getting a procedure. “The feeling of security and comfort the charging station gave me kept me calm while waiting in the lobby all day. The power to stay connected is so important in medical facilities and hospitals where communicating with family and friends is vital,” he said.

There is nothing more important than staying charged while waiting for a loved one at a medical facility. goCharge is proud to be the main source of power for countless hospitals, medical centers, and clinics across the country.

goCharge Cell phone charging station at Carnegie Hill Endoscopy - Hospitals and Medical Facilities

goCharge Cell phone charging station at Carnegie Hill Endoscopy – Hospitals and Medical Facilities