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Tips for Branding your Charging Stations

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ThNew version of Hi-Top Tablee process is simple. Upon your order, we will send you templates and easy instructions for your custom branded charging station. All you need to do is populate the template and send it back to us and we will take care of the rest. Your unit arrives EXACTLY how the submitted and approved proof was sent to us. No mistakes! Ready to go. Just plug it in. But, how do you decide how to brand your charging station? THAT is the tough part!

We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to consider when deciding how you want your brand or event to be displayed to the fans, friends, consumers or attendees utilizing your charging station.

  • Language: What message are you trying convey to the audience that will be charging their phones at your new cell phone charging station? Do you simply want to showcase your brand, or is there opportunity to convey more than just who you are? Consider using the station as a way to advertise a new product or service, a new location, or more.


  • Color: Are your logo and brand colors visually pleasing enough to catch the attention of your audience? Where will your charging station be placed? Consider using non-traditional colors of your brand such a seasonal colors or colors themed to match the event or location the charging station will be in. For example, if your brand colors are blue and white but you’re placing the charging station at a music festival, consider adding a few pops of bright yellow. If you’re placing the charging station at a trade show or conference, stick with your traditional branding.


  • Connect: What is the call-to-action associated with branding your charging station with your company? Maybe there isn’t one, or maybe the goCharge charging station is an opportunity to inspire an action! Consider adding your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Pinterest accounts to really drive your audience to your brand. Or, if you have an upcoming event or opportunity, use your charging station as an opportunity to advertise it! If you’re buying your charging station and would like a message that is relevant year round, consider including your brand’s achievements or accolades to impress your audience.


  • Audience: What demographic are you hoping to reach and where will your audience be using your new goCharge charging station? Are you a business advertising at a trade show? Are you a clothing company advertising at a mall? Alter your language, colors, and calls-to-action based on who you think (or know) will be using your charging station.

But not to worry, if you need help designing your first, or next, custom branded goCharge charging station, our experts can help guide you through the process to create a visually stunning representation of your brand!

College Questionnaire: Cell Phone Charging Stations

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Colleges and universities are a growing market for our business, and we’re interested to hear what students think about cell phone charging stations in universities and colleges! Whether it be in the library or at the gym, cell phone charging stations offer students an additional resource on campus that many colleges recognize as both a treat and a safety precaution. Your cell phone isn’t just a tool to check social media and game scores, but a way to communicate with professors, to contact authorities when in danger, to keep track of time during busy school days, and to call home to mom and dad. Charging stations also eliminate the need to bring chargers with you on campus during long days, or the annoyance associated with finding broken wires at the bottom of your bags.

Fill out our quick questionnaire about cell phone charging stations on college campuses. We would love to hear what you think! No need to worry college kids, this will be the easiest test of your life (we hope).

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The 11 Stages of a Dying Cell Phone Battery

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You know how it feels. One minute, you’re green-to-go, and the next you’re in a panicked state of red. The minute your cell phone starts to die, everything changes.  We’ve outlined what we have found to be the 11 stages of a dying cell phone.


  1. 100% battery = 100% awesome. You can do WHATEVER you want on your smartphone without a worry in the world. THANK GOD I charged it today!

Gif 1

  1. 80% battery = “This should last me the night.” You’ve been texting your friend about your evening plans, and feel pretty confident your cell phone will last you the day and night (as long as you don’t go overboard). You’re opening and closing apps like it’s nobody’s business.


  1. 50% battery = You made it to dinner with your friend! But, oh no, they’re in the bathroom, and you know you shouldn’t be on your phone, but you need to pretend you’re doing something in order to avoid:
    • Seeing that person you don’t want to see
    • Communicating with anyone you don’t want to
    • *Insert excuse here*


  1. 40% battery = Baseball game time! You’re excited to use a goCharge cell phone charging station to recharge until you realize you’re at one of the 3 stadiums that doesn’t offer them. Don’t they know you need to take a selfie?


  1. 30% battery = *Forgets phone is dying because Twitter is too good right now to not look.*


  1. 5% battery = Wasn’t my phone JUST at 30%?!

GIF 30percent

  1. Dead battery: Times were so much easier when your only option was to write down friends’ phone numbers and call them on a landline.


  1. Even deader battery = Okay fine, those times were awful. I miss my cell phone.


  1. The deadest battery = THIS. IS. AWFUL.


GIF 10


  1. The revival of the dead battery? = Just when you think your night is ruined, you end up at a bar that has… what…could it be? A goCharge charging station? 100% battery, here you come!



  2. 100% battery = Happiness.

GIF 11



Announcing the #MLBChargeUp Contest

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It’s been a long MLB season for sure, and the playoff race is as fierce as usual. goCharge has been, and continues to be, the proud provider of custom cell phone charging stations to 28 out of 30 MLB stadiums. The postseason is about to begin, and so is our awesome goCharge MLB Challenge!

Are you attending any MLB playoff games this postseason? If so, enter our contest! There are two ways to enter the contest:

  1. Enter to win by snapping a photo of you charging your cell phone at your team’s goCharge cell phone charging station and post to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #MLBChargeUp OR…
  2. Submit your photo on the “ENTER TO WIN” tab on goCharge’s Facebook page.

The contest winners will be chosen at random and will have a chance at winning an awesome surprise prize! 


Sports and Cell Phones in September

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Mobile technology has dramatically changed the way people watch and interact with their favorite teams. Whether it be monitoring fantasy football teams, checking scores of other games, looking up player information, participating in social media fan contests, or tweeting about unbelievable plays, people are constantly on their cell phones at sporting events. goCharge is glad to be able to help stadiums elevate the experience of their guests and fans by offering them cell phone charging solutions. In fact, it’s been quite a busy month for goCharge, and quite a busy month in the world of sports.

September 9th marked the return of NFL football after 221 days of offseason, the US Open has been an exciting showdown of top tennis phenoms across the globe, and the MLB playoff run is in full swing with the World Series anticipated to begin in early October. goCharge is excited to be able to expand their athletic clientele and offer charging stations at some of sport’s most well known stadiums and arenas starting this September.

The final tennis championship of the year, the US Open, is held at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing meadows, NY. This year, goCharge created customized charging stations for Chase and American Express to offer tennis fans a charge in between matches.

Have no fear football fans, because the NFL is back. goCharge is proud to have cell phone charging stations unveiled for the first time at 4 new stadiums:

  • New England Patriots’ Gillette Stadium
  • Denver Bronco’s Sports Authority Field at Mile High
  • Chicago Bears’ at Soldier Field
  • San Francisco 49ers’ Levi’s Stadium

Is your stadium or event looking to re-charge? Contact us for information on how to get a goCharge!


Cell Phone Statistics: How Do People Use Their Smartphones?

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This month, goCharge brings you the latest smartphone stats in the United States as researched by the Pew Research Center. Everyone loves a good infographic, especially when it focuses on cell phone statistics. goCharge found that 97% of all smartphone owners report using text messaging on their cell phones. The majority of smartphone owners find their cell phone usage makes them feel productive. As expected, 99% of all smartphone owners use their devices at home, and a shocking 17% use them while exercising. Don’t fall off your treadmill!

Smartphone Statistics - Cell Phone Usage

Choose Your Cell Phone Charging Station

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So, you’ve heard about goCharge. You know that we’re the leading provider of mobile device charging stations to trade shows, universities, sports stadiums, music festivals and more. You also know that we have units available for sale or rent. What you might not know is the difference between our charging products and which charging solution might work best for you, right? No problem. We’re here to break down our selection of cell phone charging stations, one by one.

atlas cell phone charging station gocharge



As one of our most popular units, Atlas is a 5-foot tall, free-standing kiosk with ten easy-to-use lockers, built right in. These lockers, made to fit both phones and tablets, provide a safe place for users’ devices while they charge. Atlas offers an optional 28” HDTV attachment, which can display your marketing material. Additionally, Atlas looks beautiful when wrapped in branding, such as your company colors and logo. The best part? It’s portable. The Atlas features four lockable wheels for easy transport within your facility or venue.


zeus cell phone charging station gocharge


Want to attract visitors and keep them in one place? Zeus might be the option for you. Zeus is Atlas’ sister unit, sharing a nearly identical design. The difference? Zeus features a beautiful open-bay design, featuring 14 open smartphone bays and two open tablet bays. Great for trade shows and events, Zeus can cater to more customers at once and opens the door for discussion as they wait alongside their mobile device. Just like Atlas, Zeus offers an optional 28” HDTV attachment and is also portable via four lockable caster wheels.



orion cell phone charging station gocharge



We have dubbed Orion as our most versatile solution and if you are looking to “make-your-own” amongst our selection, Orion might be the choice for you. Available in free standing, tabletop or wall-mountable designs, Orion features single or dual shelf models. With a total of 12 or 24 charging cords, choose between open-bay shelves or locker-style…or a combination of both! Orion comes with the option of an 18.5” HD screen that allows for a static promotion. The unit is powered by a single AC outlet and is extremely portable at only 27” high.


powerplay cell phone charging station gocharge


Power Play 

Power Play is a unique charging solution that uses a permanent, but easily removable wall mount. Backlit and universally compatible, Power Play is intended to provide advertising space in a subtle design that can essentially fit anywhere.


charging tables cell phone charging station gocharge


Charging Tables

From restaurant and bar high-tops to food court dining and waiting rooms coffee tables, our “charging furniture” features some of our most popular stations.  Our durable and stylish tables all feature 4 charging bays that can accommodate any device. The open bay design allows device owners to charge while they use the phone or use the table. goCharge charging tables are a sure way to keep people in your establishment, while reinforcing your brand image with a fully customizable design.


eagle cell phone charging station gocharge



As one of the only outdoor phone chargers on the market, the Eagle is capable of servicing large crowds at once. Weatherproof and dual-sided featuring 48 charging lockers, the Eagle is available with solar panels or battery power, giving you a full 48 hours of unit battery life. If you’re looking to host an outdoor event, the choice is clear: grab an Eagle station.


falcon cell phone charging station gocharge



Sitting proudly at the top of our lineup, our Falcon station inherited its name as goCharge’s most powerful charging unit. The Falcon station is fully interactive an LCD touch screen for advertising and indicator lights built into the charging lockers. Collect email addresses, names and surveys in exchange for a charge, driving new signs ups and therefore, new customers! If you’re looking for a limitless charging solution, with powerful customization, look no further than the Falcon!


Feeling more confident? Ready to get your hands on a goCharge station? The first step is requesting a quote. Contact us today to inquire about a mobile charging station rental, lease or purchase.

Top 3 Reasons Universities Love goCharge Charging Stations

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Atlas-State-CollegeLooking to add something fresh to your college or university? Want to give back to the new faces popping up all over campus?

Although the spring semester is wrapping up, college campuses continue hustling throughout the summer, providing dedicated students with retreats and summer classes. Keep your faculty, staff, and students charged by adding the convenience of a goCharge cell phone charging station!

Here are the top three reasons universities love our cell phone charging kiosks:

  1. Commuters – Think of your average commuter. Most of their time is spent on-campus in common areas as they wait for their next class to begin. After an entire day on-campus, there mobile devices are bound to be suffering from battery loss. Placing a goCharge station in your Commuter Lounge, Cafeteria or Student Center could solve this problem for those who do not have a dorm room to charge back up. Furthermore, it reduces the overcrowding and overuse of public outlets and lets students safely store their phone while it receives a charge.
  2. Visual Communication – Users tend to watch over their phone as it charges. This makes for a captured audience. You probably already know that goCharge stations offer optional HD televisions. What you may not know is that these displays can be synced if you have multiple kiosks on-site. Imagine announcing class cancellations, upcoming events, or inclement weather delays via your mobile charging stations. This can ensure that your message is seen by the masses.
  3. Mobility – Did you know that goCharge solutions do not require any renovations to your facility? Simply plug one of our units into an AC outlet and you’re ready to power up. But wait, there’s more! Our Atlas and Zeus models both feature locking wheels for ease of transport, and can be used outside. Students will be able to stay connected during special events no matter where it is held on-campus.

When it comes to providing higher education establishments with charging solutions, goCharge has a wide variety of experience. Institutions of all shapes and sizes across the country are already using our charging, including Penn State, Ohio State, University of Wisconsin, Pace University, Ramapo College and more!

To learn more about getting a goCharge station onto your campus, contact us today to request a quote.