Give The Gift of Technology This Holiday Season: The Best Smartphones on the Market

The holiday season is fast approaching, and soon we’ll all be stressing about buying the perfect present for our loved ones. If you want to play it safe, there’s one gift pretty much everyone loves to receive (well, other than money, of course): a smartphone. If you have a technology lover in your life who appreciates having the best of the best, then the latest smartphone is something that will definitely not fail to please. If you’re interested in exploring options other than the iPhone (other smartphones do exist, after all), here are some of the best options available today that the technology lover in your life will appreciate:

  1. woman-smartphone-girl-technology-mediumMoto Z: This ultra-thin model by Motorola is certainly an upgrade from the Motorola Razr. This smartphone comes equipped with built-in magnets on the back of the phone, which allows you to clip on accessories. Another version of this smartphone is the Moto Z Force, which comes with a completely shatter-resistant screen and extra battery life. Following in the footsteps of the iPhone 7, the Moto Z has also ditched the headphone jack, so you’ll have to use the adapter that comes with the phone. See a full review here.
  2. Google Pixel: This phone from Google is a newcomer to the game. It’s great for VR and has an easy-to-use interface. The camera is one of the best of any smartphone out there, so anyone interested in photography will also appreciate this phone. This powerful phone is quickly becoming competition for the iPhone 7, but this review claims that the battery life isn’t too great. (But that’s why goCharge is here!)
  3. HTC 10: Music lovers won’t be able to get enough of the amazing sound quality that this smartphone boasts. This phone has a sleek and clutter-free design and also delivers a fast performance that allows for a more enjoyable user experience. This phone isn’t just for audiophiles: it has plenty of other features that smartphone users will appreciate. Find out more information here.hands-coffee-smartphone-technology-medium
  4. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: This smartphone is right up there with the iPhone 7 for the title of “Best Smartphone in the World.” The screen bends around both sides of the phone, which makes it look like no other smartphone on the market right now. This handy feature also allows you to slyly check in on your phone without having to pick it up or press a button. Your friends will definitely want to test out this smartphone (which also comes with an added bonus: good battery life!).
  5. Nexus 6P: This sleek and stylish smartphone comes equipped with a high-tech fingerprint scanner conveniently placed on the back of the phone, where your index finger naturally goes when you pick up your phone. This fingerprint scanner is one of the best among all the smartphones out there—it will unlock your screen in nearly half a second. (Unlocking your screen with the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone became a bit more complicated with iOS 10, so this will be a welcome change for tech lovers.) This sleek and minimalist smartphone is quickly becoming one of the most popular out there!

We hope this burst of technological inspiration helps you out in the coming weeks when it comes time to start holiday shopping! And remember, no matter how great a smartphone is, they all have one common flaw: battery life. This is a feature that even the best of the best smartphones struggle with today. Luckily, goCharge is here to keep your smartphone charged up at all times so you never have to miss a thing. Happy shopping, everyone!

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